Entirely Different Cast For “Carefree Travelers” Season 2 Confirmed

JTBC’s “Carefree Travelers” is preparing for a second season with a whole new cast!

The traveling variety show is hosted by Jung Hyung Don, Ahn Jung Hwan, Kim Sung Joo, and Kim Yong Man. The hosts as well as different celebrity guests travel around the world through package tours with other participating travelers.

Two years into the show, it will be going through a cast change. The production crew explained, “Recently, we decided to upgrade the package tour to a new format and new face that reflected various views and interests of the viewers.”

Therefore, the new members to join the second season are g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji Won, actor Sung Hoon, and idol Yoo Seon Ho. Park Joon Hyung gained popularity in variety shows for his random English phrases and funny remarks while Eun Ji Won once traveled to Dubai with the original cast on the show before. Sung Hoon has been recognized for his appearances in MBC’s “I Live Alone,” and Yoo Seung Ho has garnered attention with his honest side in variety shows since his participation in “Produce 101 Season 2.”

Their first trip will take place in September, and the second season will premiere in mid-October.

What are your thoughts on the new cast?

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