10 Rapper/Singer Collabs We're Obsessed With This Summer

We love it when our favorite K-pop artists collaborate with each other, and one of the best types of collaborations is the classic rapper/singer duo. After all, a well-delivered rap verse is a great way to spice up any song, and some melodious vocals can flawlessly enrich a good rap track. Thankfully, there has been no shortage of these memorable collabs this summer, so we’ve pulled together a list of 10 of our favorites. Some turn up the heat, while others are as refreshing as a cool summer breeze — and we know you’ll love them all!

1. “Cereal” — Crush feat. Block B’s Zico

R&B artist Crush teamed up with Zico for this laid-back summer track. Crush’s velvety vocals, Zico’s smooth verse, and the bubbly (and extremely catchy!) synth beat make this collaboration the perfect summer bop. The music video is equally sleek, and you’ll enjoy watching Crush and Zico have fun letting loose together — although we admit we don’t quite know what’s going on with those floating bodiless backup dancers.

2. “Don’t Give It To Me” — MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and Loco

Rapper Loco and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa brought on the heat with this simmering collab. “Don’t Give It To Me” is an alluringly sexy track about the complicated feelings of attraction in a relationship. The uniquely filmed MV and the back-and-forth between the two turns the song into a musical conversation. Loco has expressed his admiration for Hwasa and his desire to work with her in the past, and we’re loving how this collaboration turned out!

3. “Cover Girl” — VIXX’s Leo feat. EXID’s LE

“Cover Girl” is a retro b-side track from Leo’s solo album “Canvas.” The VIXX member’s famously seductive vocals carry the funky song, while LE offers a crisply contrasting rap verse with her distinctively edgy voice.

4. “Where R U From” — BIGBANG’s Seungri feat. WINNER’s Song Mino

While the hyungs of BIGBANG are away in the military, maknae Seungri is out to play. “Where R U From” is an electronic banger that would be incomplete without WINNER rapper Mino’s slick verse. But this collab is most memorable for its epically over-the-top music video, which is rife with parodies: from recent political events (check the Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump lookalikes), to G-Dragon’s unforgettable “Fantastic Baby” hairstyle, to Seungri’s own nickname “Panda.” See if you can spot all the references!

5. “Instant” — Block B’s Park Kyung feat. Sumin

There’s a lot to love about “Instant,” from its music video’s quirky aesthetics to its thought-provoking lyrics, which explore the idea that technology has made relationships easier, but cheaper and shallower. Sumin’s silky vocals are the perfect complement to Park Kyung’s distinctive voice, and the two harmonize masterfully on this smooth track. Even more impressive is the fact that Park Kyung wrote, composed, and produced the song himself!

6. “All Night Long” — Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon feat. NCT’s Lucas

“All Night Long” is a hidden gem off of Taeyeon’s solo album “Something New.” You can’t go wrong with her sweet vocals, and Lucas gives the track a memorable twist by leading into the song with his rap. It’s the perfect carefree, easy-listening song for those laid-back summer days.

7. “Soulmate” — Zico feat. IU

IU lent her sparkling vocals to “Soulmate,” Zico’s second collab of the summer. In addition to his rap verse, Zico also shows off his prowess as a vocalist, as he sings a large portion of the song. The MV for “Soulmate” is as cute as it gets, and we love all the adorable interactions between these two!

8. “Selfish” — MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul feat. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Moonbyul and Seulgi know that summer is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, and in “Selfish,” they affirm the importance of doing things that make them happy, instead of always trying to please others. A breezy song with a sweet message and a cute MV? We’re glad these two took time away from their respective powerhouse girl groups for this collab!

9. “You & Me” — Yoon Mi Rae feat. Junoflo

Yoon Mi Rae may be best known as a legendary rapper, but she opts for the vocal route in “You & Me,” letting featured artist Junoflo take on the rap verse. The MV features these two, surrounded by various dancers, jamming out and having fun to the catchy song.

10. “Mollado” — Seungri feat. iKON’s B.I

It may not come with a wild music video like “Where R U From,” but that doesn’t make the second collab off Seungri’s solo album “The Great Seungri” any less addictive. B.I features on this Latin dance track, which the iKON rapper also helped compose. “Mollado” is the best of flirty summer fun!

Which summer rapper/singer collab is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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