8 Struggles That Cause International Fans To Cry

The struggle of being an international fan is all too real, and sometimes it’s enough to make you shed a tear or two. Don’t lie – we’ve all been there! Misery loves company, so take a look at our list of relatable AF things that are enough to make all international fans cry.


Basically us in a nutshell. 

When your bias goes to the army


It hurts more because you can’t even send them off! And that also means they definitely won’t be coming to your country for a long, long time.

Either it’s pay the shipping fee…


While the album or that adorable light stick may only be a couple of bucks, the shipping fee often jacks up the initial price so much that it’s like buying one item for the price of two. Group orders are another option, but for different reasons, those can also be tear-inducers as well.

Or find a store that sells K-pop merch.


Me inside a K-pop merch store

If there even is one in your area! Even then, the selection will probably be limited, and it will be super expensive.

International tours are too expensive to afford.


An accurate representation of my wallet crying with me.

And even if they do come to your country, it’s so, so expensive, and K-pop idols have a great knack for picking that one city that’s like four hours away or in another state. (Europe says hello, by the way.)

Trying to search up Korean names, makeup products, and words…


Because there are some sounds in Korean that don’t exist in English (and vice versa), there are so many different ways a person’s name or a Korean word can be romanized – which can make for some headache (and tear) inducing searches.

Exclusive events for fans only in Korea


The size of that ocean just seems to double when you hear about all those exclusive events, like fan signs or getting served coffee by your favorite idol, just for fans in Korea. *sobs*

When people ask why you like Japanese music so much


??? Um, the “K” in K-pop stands for Korean.

These words: “This video is not available in your country.”


Country restrictions suck.

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