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A new making video has been released for tvN’s “Familiar Wife”!

Ji Sung is currently starring in the fantasy romance as Cha Joo Hyuk, a bank employee who travels back in time and ends up changing his present-day reality by making a single life-altering decision. After returning to the present, Cha Joo Hyuk finds himself married to another woman and reuniting with his original wife Seo Woo Jin (Han Ji Min) as colleagues at his bank.

In the beginning of the clip, Ji Sung, Han Ji Min, and Lee Jung Eun film a scene together where Ji Sung meets Lee Jung Eun for the first time. Han Ji Min introduces Ji Sung in a cute but funny way, saying, “My teacher is handsome, right? I wish I can get tutored by him every day,” and Ji Sung can’t help but burst into laughter at that.

The three actors try to film the scene again, but the director stops them. Han Ji Min teases, “I think my mom fell [for him], too.” Half-worried and half-joking, Lee Jung Eun asks, “Didn’t I seem like I was too head over heels for him?” In response, Ji Sung gratefully holds up a fist and cutely remarks, “My mother-in-law is the best.”

In the third attempt, Ji Sung is told to react to Han Ji Min’s line of “My teacher is handsome, right?,” but he makes the wrong expression, causing him to look disgusted rather than flustered. The cast and crew burst into laughter, and Ji Sung comments, “I’ll go for being flustered. They said I can’t be like, ‘What the heck?’.”

The making-of video also shows Lee Yoo Jin and Kang Han Na acting out the scene where he confesses to her. After Lee Yoo Jin delivers his romantic confession, he walks away coolly, but once the director ends the scene, he scrunches up his face in embarrassment.

Later on in the video, Jang Seung Jo introduces his character in a self-cam video, saying, “I’m Yoon Jong Hoo of KCU Bank. I’m single, and I’m completely in love with one woman. She is…” He looks back at Han Ji Min before he says, “Seo Woo Jin, the hard-working woman in the back.” Then he adds in desperation, “She’s not easily falling for me.”

In the final part, Ji Sung and Han Ji Min prepare to film the scene where they run through the rain with a pot for plants over their head. Ji Sung jokingly praises Han Ji Min for her “back-of-the-head” acting, and she agrees, saying, “That’s what I do best. Or the top-of-the-head shot, too.” Ji Sung laughs as he admits, “Me, too. I do that best, too.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage below!

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