Park Bo Young Shares Her Thoughts On Acting And Possible Future Retirement Plans

Park Bo Young shared her thoughts on her career and acting in an interview.

After appearing in many popular works including the film “A Werewolf Boy” and dramas such as “Oh My Ghostess” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” Park Bo Young will transform into a girl experiencing first love for the film “On Your Wedding Day.”

“On Your Wedding Day” is a film about Seung Hee (played by Park Bo Young) who believes in falling in love in three seconds and Woo Yeon (played by Kim Young Kwang) who believes that Seung Hee is his only love. The movie tells a realistic story about the hardships of first love.

Park Bo Young has been praised for her chemistry with her on-screen partners in the past and Kim Young Kwang was full of positive things to say about her as well.

In response to receiving praise for his acting, Kim Young Kwang had said, “Because of me? I was busy working on it myself. I think a large part of it was that I met good people many times. When you’re doing a project, you have to do well together so a good result can come out. Everyone probably thinks that way. If you think that only you should do a good job, then it’s a way for it to go wayward. Since this film is especially about destiny, the way for the film to shine was for Woo Yeon to shine.”

Park Bo Young then spoke about her co-star in the interview by saying, “He perfectly portrayed a character that could appear clingy. Because of him, pure love could be expressed.” Reacting shyly to the reporter’s praises, she humbly added, “I didn’t do much.”

Seung Hee is a character who is pretty, intelligent, and feisty. Park Bo Young helped complete her character by personally coming up with ideas and lines that would suit her. Viewers can relate to Park Bo Young’s character as she shows character’s growth from high school to early adulthood.

“I wanted to do a romance film for a while, but there weren’t many,” explained Park Bo Young. “After I saw the scenario, I realized that the character Seung Hee had a fixed mindset and a decisive personality, so I wanted to try it. I personally think that many people want to see my bright, lovely appearance. I want to select those kinds of tones for dramas, while for films, I want to more ambitious.”

She continued, “Seung Hee isn’t just a bright, lovely girl. She’s an extension of my ambitions. Seung Hee doesn’t resemble me. She’s my idol. In reality, I’m careful of others and indecisive. In that way, Seung Hee is very different from me. She has no regrets. If I were to find a similar side to me and Seung Hee, it would be my unfriendly and cold sides?”

On acting, Park Bo Young stated, “My acting needs to improve, but there are times when it seems like it’s at the same place. It was hard whenever I felt that way. If my acting doesn’t improve, I’m going to go to the countryside and farm. I recently tried farming in the countryside. Even if I wear rainboots and walk around, the grandpas just say, ‘Oh, it’s that family’s kid.’ It’s so comfortable when I go there. It’s nice to mix rice with red pepper paste and freshly picked aralia sprouts. But, I don’t feel rushed. I think there will be more things I can do after I turn 30.”

“On Your Wedding Day” will premiere on August 22.

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