HaHa Celebrates His Birthday With “Running Man” Cast And Thanks Fans

HaHa had a fun birthday celebration thanks to his friends and fans!

On August 20, HaHa shared photos from his birthday on Instagram. In the photos, HaHa and the “Running Man” cast members smiled and held up ice cream. A food truck behind them had a sign that said, “HaHa will buy today! Dang Diggi Bang!”

HaHa also shared a photo of him next to a banner that read, “HaHa, happy 40th birthday. From your small but mighty fans.” He struck the same funny pose as the one in the picture from an episode of “Running Man.”

He wrote, “Now that I’m getting older, I feel embarrassed when people wish me a happy birthday. Wow, I guess I am getting older. My fans (from new small but mighty fans to the many fans who have always adored me… and my acquaintances in my phone) I sincerely, sincerely thank you for your generous love and congratulations! These days, I sometimes look back at the life I’ve lived and ask myself, ‘Ha Dong Hoon, did you live well?’ It gave me a lot of strength! It’s about to turn sentimental, so I’ll keep it short! Thank you to every single person. I’ll repay your generous love throughout my life. I love you! Ya man! P.S. I’m going out of town right now, but I want to express my gratitude to our reggae idol Skull who gave me a surprise celebration right before. I love you!”

He also added in the hashtags, “Thank you” and “I love everyone.”

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나이가 좀 드니까~ 생일축하 받는게 엄청 쑥쓰러워지더라고요… 아이고…들긴 들었는갑다..우리 팬분들(새로생긴 작강팬부터 항상 아껴주시는 많은 팬분들..그리고 제 폰안에있는 지인분들) 무쟈게.. 과분한 사랑과 축하.. 진심으로 진심으로 감사합니다!!! 사실 요즘 가끔씩 살아온길을 되돌아보는데.. 하동훈 잘살아왔나??저한테 질문을 던지곤하는데.. 참으로 많은 힘이 되었습니다! 이거 또 감성적으로 바뀔려고하니 줄일게요!! 한분한분 전부다 감사드립니다~ 과분한 사랑 살면서 갚아나갈게요.. 사랑합니다!!! 야만!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ p.s:지금 지방가는데..출발직전 깜짝으로 축하해준 우리 레게아이돌 스컬이에게(@officialskull)감사의 말씀전하며…사랑해!! #감사합니다#모두사랑합니다

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