Taeyeon Says Girls’ Generation Music, Variety Show, And Light Stick Is Coming Soon

SONEs have a lot to look forward to!

On August 20, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon interacted with fans through a live broadcast on Instagram. While she originally began the broadcast in honor of her puppy Zero’s birthday, Taeyeon ended up delighting fans by revealing a little more about future group and solo plans.

When fans asked when the girl group would be returning with new music, Taeyeon happily shared, “Girls’ Generation comeback? It’s soon. Please wait a little while longer.” She added, “I feel really apologetic saying something like this, but it’s soon! Soon. Coming soon.”

As for her own solo release, the singer revealed, “I’m currently working hard and preparing for my album.”

The singer also responded to a fan saying they hoped to see Girls’ Generation’s new travel reality show “Girls’ Forest” (working title), saying, “I want to watch it too. I think there are plans for it to air soon. I’m also asking about it, because I want to watch it quickly.”

Later on in the broadcast, Taeyeon shared what may have been the most exciting piece of information for fans.

“Is an official light stick for Girls’ Generation not being released?” a fan questioned. Taeyeon expressed, “Do you think one wouldn’t be released? Of course we will release one.”

She explained that it will be available in the near future and that the members have been checking in on its production. “We keep interfering,” Taeyeon commented. Mentioning the bluetooth-controlled pen lights and light sticks that change colors during concerts, the singer continued, “We should—, no we have an official Girls’ Generation light stick. We should have one. We should have had one. You will be able to see it soon.”

Responding to another fan, Taeyeon added, “It would have been nice if it had come out earlier, right?”

Acknowledging she knows how much fans have been missing them, Taeyeon concluded the topic saying, “That’s why we are working hard. Girls’ Generation. Please look forward to us!”

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