Watch: “Produce 48” Contestants Express Nervousness And Excitement For Concept Evaluation In New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Mnet’s “Produce 48” has released a behind-the-scenes video of the contestants preparing for their concept evaluation performances!

The clip begins with several cuts of the girls getting dolled up, and they ask the person behind the camera how they look. Lee Ga Eun is later seen looking amazed by Shiroma Miru’s features as she comments, “Your eyes take up half your face!” Miru in turn shyly denies this and compliments Ga Eun back, calling her skinny with a small face.

The girls are relaxed in their stage outfits, and Lee Chae Yeon teases Miyawaki Sakura by asking the cameraperson to film the hair roller in Sakura’s hair. Chae Yeon bursts out laughing at Sakura’s fluffy bangs.

Later, the contestants continue to prepare for their concept evaluation performances as they enter rehearsals. Before getting on stage, Jang Gyu Ri takes one of the staff’s cameras and takes a shot of her “To Reach You” members.

When each group is asked to introduce their tracks, the “Rollin’ Rollin'” team states, “It is a tropical pop dance genre song that will portray the cute feelings of wanting to dance with the national producers!” The “To Reach You” team replies, “We hope that we will remind you of your first love.” The other members readily agree.

Afterwards, the members of the “1000%” team are asked to introduce the point choreography from their song, and they answer, “While we perform, we make the shape of ‘1000 percent’ with our hands, so look out for that!” For the “Rumor” team, Murase Sae performs the choreography and exclaims, “Here! Here!”

Finally, the day for the contestants to perform their concept evaluation tracks arrive. The girls seem shocked by the sheer size of the audience. The eliminated contestants also make an appearance, causing the girls on stage to become excited.

Although the girls seem nervous before they perform, they are ultimately satisfied after giving it their all. Kang Hye Won in particular is extremely happy to see her friend Sato Minami.

Watch the video below!

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