MAMAMOO Invites Korean Women's Taekwondo Poomsae Team To Their Concert After They Reveal They're Big Fans At 2018 Asian Games

MAMAMOO showed their support for South Korea’s women’s taekwondo poomsae team.

On August 19, the women’s poomsae team narrowly lost to Thailand’s team with a 0.01 difference in scores.

South Korean poomsae team members Kwak Yeo Won, Park Jae Eun, and Choi Dong Ah were interviewed by the press after receiving their silver medals.

Choi Dong Ah said with a laugh, “Girl group MAMAMOO gave us a lot of strength.” When she mentioned MAMAMOO, her other two teammates began to cheer.

Choi Dong Ah added, “We all like MAMAMOO songs, so we listened to their songs a lot and gathered strength during practice. We wanted to use upbeat songs for poomsae, but we couldn’t because it has lyrics.”

Referring to MAMAMOO’s third solo concert on August 18 and 19, she continued, “Today is the day of MAMAMOO’s concert, so we wanted to get the gold medal and say, ‘We want to meet MAMAMOO,’ but I think it’ll be hard since we came in second place. But I’ll always cheer [for MAMAMOO].”

The team ended their interview by posing for photos using a pose from MAMAMOO’s choreography for “Egotistic.”

On August 21, MAMAMOO’s official Twitter account posted about the poomsae team. It said, “Congratulations to the women’s national taekwondo poomsae team on your silver medal! It’s an honor that you like our songs! We will continue to watch with interest and cheer you on. We’ll make sure to invite you to our next concert, so please come see us.”

They added in the hashtags, “Taekwondo poomsae women’s team, Choi Dong Ah, Kwak Yeo Eun, Park Jae Eun, silver medal, everyone together brrrr.”

Hours later, the members of the poomsae team replied under the tweet. Kwak Yeo Won wrote, “Wow, MAMAMOO you’re really the best. I’ll make sure to go. I’m really going to go. Please.”

Choi Dong Ah replied to her teammate asking, “Is this real? This situation?” and Kwak Yeo Won said, “I really can’t breathe.”

Choi Dong Ah also added, “Wow I can’t believe it. I really got a lot of strength and was able to do well thanks to you. Thank you so much MAMAMOO and RBW! Please invite me to the concert. I’ll make sure to go. MooMoos who cheered for us, you’re the best.”

The 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang in Indonesia will take place from August 18 to September 2.

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