Kim So Hyun To Star In Her Own Travel Variety Show

Kim So Hyun will be going on her first solo vacation in the United States through a new Lifetime variety show called “Because It’s My First 20s – Kim So Hyun’s YOLO Solo California” (working title).

The show will encapsulate Kim So Hyun’s journey to finding herself as a TV personality, a global star, an actress of 10 years, and a woman who has just turned 20. Kim So Hyun will be leaving for the United States in August to begin filming for the variety show.

Throughout her travels, Kim So Hyun will also be holding live broadcasts on social media where she shares travel tips, information about attractions and restaurants, and more. The program will also give viewers an opportunity to see a more human side of the actress, who has now been in the public eye for half of her life.

Kim So Hyun’s variety program will first be available for viewing at the end of September via various digital platforms like Lifetime’s YouTube channel, Facebook, and Naver TV, and will then be broadcast on TV.

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