These Are The Korean Masks You Need To Add To Your Skincare Cabinet ASAP

Masks, masks, masks… can you even live without them after you try one for the first time? Transitional weather is approaching, and our skin needs a little extra help to stay healthy, hydrated, and stress-free. What’s the best answer to accomplish that? A mask session. From detox to hydrating to overnight ones, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorites. Read below to find the perfect one for you! (Full disclosure: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about sheet masks. How could we when they’re by far the most popular Korean skincare staple? We’re just gonna save those for another roundup in the future.)

Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

Peach & Lily

This resurfacing mask is what I like to call a multitasker. A jelly-like wash-off mask that not only reboots your skin, but also hydrates and gently exfoliates. It contains 10 percent AHA and 0.5 percent BHA (chemical exfoliators) that dive deep down into the pores to get rid of all the nasty things trapped inside them. Think of it as a toxins un-gluer if you may. If you have to deal with dry patches, pimples, uneven texture, or clogged pores, this is the mask for you without a doubt. And as if all that weren’t already enough, there’s hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, chamomile, and aloe in the formula, which deeply soothe and hydrate your skin.

Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

Belif USA

As if Belif’s Aqua Bomb line wasn’t popular enough already — and with good reason — they recently came out with a jelly-pudding-like sleeping mask, and it’s truly what dreams are made of. If you’ve never heard about sleeping masks before here’s the deal: they’re lightweight masks that lock in moisture throughout the night while you sleep. Belif’s Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask in particular replenishes and revives dull, tired, and dry skin so you wake up to a more smooth and glowing complexion in the morning. Filled with ultra-hydrating herbs like skin-soothing Scottish heather and lady’s mantle, this pillow-proof formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly without being sticky or too heavy.

Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask With Super Volcanic Cluster

Innisfree US

This pore clearing clay mask isn’t one of Innisfree’s best-sellers for no reason. Looking for a detoxing yet gentle mask to get rid of all those things trapped inside your pores? Look no further. This super clay mask contains Volcanic Scoria, an ingredient made with hardened lava from erupted volcanoes in Jeju — yes, the same Jeju you see on K-dramas and skincare ads. These capsules join with AHA to thoroughly and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, deep clean pores, and powerfully control sebum (a big plus for those with oily skin). This 22-global-beauty-awards-winner mask is known for its 6-in-1 benefits: it shrinks pores, controls sebum, exfoliates, deeply cleanses, brightens tone, and cools down your skin. Impressive? It sure is.

Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask


Sleeping and lavender should always go together, am I right? If you still haven’t tried a lavender tea or a lavender bath before going to sleep, then you should run to your nearest store and get the supplies, because once you try this amazing ingredient for sleep the first time, you never go back. This pampering leave-on mask works on your skin overnight — AKA when our skin takes time to restore — deeply hydrating and purifying your skin so you wake up the next morning glowing and revitalized. Plus, it contains lavender, so it’ll help you sleep better and more relaxed.

Thank You Farmer Back to Relax Soothing Gel Mask


There’s something about gel masks that make you never get tired of them. They’re hydrating, they’re soothing, they’re fun to use, and easy to wash off. This gel mask from Thank You Farmer in particular also has cooling properties AND it’s pink. Could you really ask for anything else? This super hydrating mask is perfect for sensitive skin and is enriched with some amazing ingredients such as collagen, centella, and licorice extract, turning this wash-off gel mask into a true blessing for those with irritated or inflamed skin.

Dearpacker Black Tea & Black Rose Mask


Black tea and black rose are already two amazing ingredients. What if you put them together and turn them into a mask? Even better. This gel mask from Dearpacker with 77 percent black tea and rosewater infusion moisturizes, calms, and smoothes the skin in matter of minutes. Best part? You can actually see the little bits and pieces of tea leaves in the formula! These ingredients together — besides being very soothing and helping brighten up your skin — protect skin from premature aging and accelerate skin’s natural regeneration process. A total keeper!

Etude House AC Clean Up Pink Powder Mask

Etude House

Acne-prone fellas? I got your back on this one. This pink wash-off mask calms down skin and controls both its water and oil balance. It contains calamine and sulfur, two ingredients with antibacterial properties that help get rid of the dirt and impurities trapped in our pores, which can be causing pimples, breakouts, and uneven texture. It also soothes inflammation, so it can be used if you suffer from rosacea or eczema!

Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask


There’s a reason why every K-beauty lover knows — and probably has tried — this mask: it’s truly heaven sent. Egg whites are not only amazing for an omelette, but also for your skin, did you know that? This pore-refining mask formulated with egg white extract deeply penetrates pores to remove impurities and any pore-clogging oil. Its powers also help you get firmer skin that feels younger, stronger, and tighter so pores look smaller and your overall face seems smoother. Best part? It fits every skin type!

Have you tried any of these before Soompiers? How do they work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends, testing idols’ skincare routines or doing #masKaraoke. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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