f(x)’s Krystal Talks About Taking On New Genre With “Player”

Ahead of the premiere of her new drama “Player,” f(x)’s Krystal talked about her starring role and how it differs from the characters she’s played in the past.

“Player,” which will premiere on OCN this September, is a thrilling heist drama about four elite criminals who team up to steal dirty money that has been obtained through illegal means. Krystal will play the role of Cha Ah Ryung, a talented driver who turned to a life of crime after running away from an orphanage at an early age. The drama also stars Song Seung Heon as a brilliant con artist, Lee Si Eon as a genius hacker, and Tae Won Suk as a top-notch fighter.

When asked what drew her to the role of Cha Ah Ryung, Krystal replied, “First of all, I really enjoyed reading the script. I’ve always wanted to try doing a drama of this genre, and I was even more drawn to the character because it was one I’d never tried before.”

She went on to share that the role had presented a new challenge for her, explaining, “[Cha Ah Ryung] is very different from the characters I’ve played up until now. In order to play Ah Ryung, who has never received love from anyone before and has only experienced betrayal, I’m trying to transform into a deeply lonely person.”

Although Cha Ah Ryung is the only female on her team, she is a tough and strong-willed young woman who is never afraid to speak her mind. In order to pull off the fearless character, Krystal has jumped headfirst into the action genre by doing her own stunts.

“I’m learning a lot and putting a great deal of thought into filming,” she remarked, revealing that she had put a lot of work into riding a motorcycle for her car chase scenes.

The idol-turned-actress also reported that she was having a great time filming the drama. “I’m really enjoying filming,” she said. “More than anything, the atmosphere on set is great, so I think that energy will be conveyed to the viewers through the drama.”

She added, “Please look forward to ‘Player,’ which will deliver gratifying entertainment through the hunt for illegally obtained fortunes.”

“Player” is scheduled to premiere on September 29 at 10:20 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the teaser for the drama here!

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