4 Things To Look Forward To In The 2nd Half Of “Your Honor”

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Your Honor” has reached its halfway point!

With already half the story told, “Your Honor” has relayed a humorous story that also delivers a rather serious message, along with interesting characters and the actors’ passionate acting.

According to the “Your Honor” production staff, the drama will now promise a more thrilling and fascinating story. Here are four key points to look forward to in the next half of the show.

1. Fake judge Yoon Shi Yoon’s secret identity

Five-time convicted criminal Han Kang Ho (Yoon Shi Yoon) currently works as a judge in place of his twin brother Han Soo Ho who has disappeared. Han Kang Ho had originally planned to work as a fake judge for a month and disappear carrying 1 billion won (approximately ) in bribe money. However, he gets into trouble without fail and becomes the center of attention in not only the legal circle, but also the media with his eye-catching actions and judgements. Many wonder until when Han Kang Ho can keep his identity a secret.

2. Real judge Yoon Shi Yoon’s secret

No. 1 judge Han Soo Ho was kidnapped by an unknown person. Han Soo Ho had been trying to go into hiding until the identities of the people wanting to kill him had been discovered. This leaves the question as to why these people want to murder Han Soo Ho, and how he got into this dangerous situation. His secrets and what effect he will have on Han Kang Ho will be answered in the second half of the drama.

3. Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Yoo Young’s relationship

Justice student Song So Eun is currently apprenticing with judge Han Kang Ho. She doesn’t know Han Kang Ho’s true identity, but feels she’s learning a lot from him, who lays down judgements with perseverance in a way different from other judges. Han Kang Ho himself learns from Song So Eun as he sees her believing in justice and facing on everything with conviction. In this way, the two became each other’s catalyst for growth.

Later, their relationship begins to slowly grow as romantic feelings come into play. As they stayed by each other’s side when the other was exhausted, or faced on different challenges together, they began to grow interested in each other. In the previous episode, Han Kang Ho had hesitated in approaching Song So Eun after thinking of his circumstances as a five-time convicted criminal. The following episodes will see how the romance between the two will progress.

4. Yoon Shi Yoon vs. Park Byung Eun

Han Kang Ho and lawyer Oh Sang Chul have come into conflict during various court proceedings. In particular, a drug and assault scandal had intensified the conflict between the two men. Ultimately, Oh Sang Chul is preparing to suspend Han Soo Ho, who is being impersonated by Hang Kang Ho, from being reappointed as a judge.

However, a change appears in their hostile relationship. Song So Eun will become another factor in the men’s conflict. Oh Sang Chul had been interested in Song So Eun for a long time, but she is in a situation where she must push him away. In midst of that, the distance between Song So Eun and Han Kang Ho becomes even closer. The two men can’t agree on anything, whether it is at work or dealing with love. The coming episodes will continue to display their disagreements.

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