Update: Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon Confirms Enlistment + “Let’s Eat 3” Releases Statement

Updated August 22 KST:

Yoon Doojoon is enlisting in the military this week.

On August 22, his agency Around Us Entertainment confirmed through an official statement, “Group Highlight’s leader Yoon Doojoon recently received his military draft notice and will be enlisting active duty on August 24, 2018 (Friday).”

The statement continues, “You must have been taken aback and shocked at the enlistment news of Yoon Doojoon, who has continued non-stop since his debut in 2009. He was also very surprised at the abrupt enlistment notice. However, Yoon Doojoon will film his current drama until the end with an upright and strong mindset, organize his thoughts, and fulfill his military duty that is necessary as a citizen of Korea.”

“We sincerely apologize for not having been able to tell you ahead of time and that you had to suddenly receive the news through an article, and we once again ask for the understanding of fans. Please show lots of anticipation and support for Yoon Doojoon, who has always prioritized and focused on his family, group, and fans from debut until now, so that he can be discharged in good health and return to you as a more mature and great person,” Around Us Entertainment concludes.

As Yoon Doojoon wishes to enlist quietly, his enlistment location and time will not be revealed. He will complete five weeks of basic training beginning on August 24 and then continue as an active duty soldier with his official assignment.

“Let’s Eat 3,” the drama that Yoon Doojoon is currently starring in, has announced that the drama has been shortened from 16 episodes to 14 episodes. “We have finished editing the script on the basis of the story that was planned for 16 episodes, and as it was shortened to focus on the important parts, there will be no change in the plot,” the production team explains.

Their statement concludes, We ask for the understanding of the viewers who love ‘Let’s Eat 3.’ Thank you.”

We wish Yoon Doojoon a safe military service!

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Original Article:

Yoon Doojoon may be the first Highlight member to enlist in the military.

On August 22, an industry representative reported that he recently received his draft notice for August 24 and is abruptly enlisting.

It was also announced on August 21 that Yang Yoseob has been accepted to serve as a conscripted policeman, but his enlistment date is yet to be decided.

According to reports, Yoon Doojoon also applied to be a conscripted policeman but was not accepted.

With his sudden enlistment, his current drama “Let’s Eat 3” will reportedly also be shortened. A source from the drama commented, “We are checking with Yoon Doojoon’s agency on his enlistment schedule. It has to be discussed depending on the situation, so nothing is decided yet.”

In response to the reports, a source from his agency Around Us Entertainment replied, “We are checking with him.”

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