ARMY Reacts To BTS's New Mind-Blowing Teaser For

Now that BTS’s teaser video for their comeback with “IDOL” is out, ARMYs all over the world are in awe over the clip, which is jam-packed full of exciting glimpses of what’s to come!

After its release at midnight KST on August 23, ARMY immediately took to Twitter to share their reactions and point out details they’ve noticed. Naturally, the hashtag “#IDOL” quickly shot to No. 1 on the list of Twitter’s worldwide trends.

BTS’s new teaser features a stunning combination of modern and traditional elements that showcase Korean culture. It begins with the image of a tiger, an important figure found throughout Korean folklore as well as in the nation’s foundation mythology, and the teaser shows it running against the background of a traditional painting.

Meanwhile, there’s that “glitch” in the video again…

The members are seen performing in a building that looks like a Korean pavilion, while wearing outfits inspired by traditional clothing. They added modern accessories, and fans were quick to notice their very contemporary footwear.

In addition to the music itself, even the lyrics include traditional elements, such as from pansori, a form of musical storytelling that originated among the lower classes during the Joseon Dynasty. One of RM’s lines also mimics the sound made by traditional drums, which are used in many forms of Korean music including pansori and samulnori.

It turns out RM even hinted at this in a previous tweet…

The pose they take at the end is also inspired by a traditional Korean form of dance, which fans have seen the group do before.

In addition, there could be more to Jungkook’s cough than it may seem…

Of course, there’s lots more to enjoy in the teaser beyond all these awesome traditional elements!

For example, that killer high note.

And this awesome parallel.

Also, we can’t forget how great this hair is.

Many ARMYs are also excited over the connections between the “IDOL” teaser and BTS’s previous releases — like “DDAENG,” the rap line’s hard-hitting track from this year’s Festa, as well as “DNA,” BTS’s hit song from last fall.

Overall, ARMYs are eager to see the impact of “IDOL” when it drops on Friday.

For now, ARMY’s got the teaser on loop!

BTS’s “Love Yourself: Answer,” featuring the title track “IDOL,” will be released on August 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

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