Watch: Red Velvet Takes 7th Win For “Power Up” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By “Produce 48” Groups, (G)I-DLE, And More

Red Velvet has won another music show trophy for “Power Up”!

On the August 23 episode of “M!Countdown,” Red Velvet’s “Power Up” and (G)I-DLE’s “HANN” were the nominees for first place. Red Velvet came in first with a total score of 8,761 to (G)I-DLE’s 4,756.

Red Velvet did not perform on “M!Countdown,” but you can watch the announcement of their win below!

Performers this week included AIVAN, Berry Good, BIGFLO, DIA, (G)I-DLE, Golden Child, IMFACT, IN2IT, Jeong Sewoon, LABOUM, LOONA, MXM, NATURE, Norazo, and Stray Kids. The concept evaluation groups from “Produce 48” also put on special performances of their respective tracks.

Check out many of the performances below!

H.I.N.P from “Produce 48” – “Rumor”

Summer Wish from “Produce 48” – “1000%”

The Promise from “Produce 48” – “See You Again”

1AM from “Produce 48” – “I AM”

Love Potion from “Produce 48” – “Rollin’ Rollin'”

Memory Fabricators from “Produce 48” – “To Reach You”

AIVAN – “Curious”

Berry Good – “Green Apple”

BIGFLO – “Upside Down”

DIA – “WooWoo”


Golden Child – “IF”


IN2IT – “Sorry for My English”

Jeong Sewoon – “20 Something”

LABOUM – “Between Us”

LOONA – “favOriTe”

LOONA – “Hi High”


NATURE – “Allegro Cantabile”

Norazo – “Cider”

Stray Kids – “My Pace”

Congratulations to Red Velvet!

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