Highlight Members Write Affectionate Messages To Yoon Doojoon On Day Of His Enlistment

Words aren’t enough to describe how sweet Highlight’s bond is.

Yoon Doojoon is set to enlist on August 24 as an active duty soldier in order to carry out his mandatory military service. Hours before he enlists, the Highlight members met up. They also shared emotional messages addressed to Yoon Doojoon on their respective Instagram accounts.

Yong Junhyung expressed, “We definitely can’t help but smile when we’re together. Let’s meet soon. I love you.”

While he couldn’t be there due to his musical, Son Dongwoon called in through video, and also penned a loving letter to Yoon Doojoon.

He said, “Given how much we waited for the five of us of us to stand on stage in the coolest way possible while having the most fun in the whole wide world, it’s quite regrettable. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you and it bothers me that I could not even briefly say goodbye in person.

“If you were not a part of our group, and if you were not our leader, we might not be here right now like this. Someone who I trust very much, follow very much, and like very much. Someone who is always well-liked by anyone who knows him. A kind and genuine person who had said we should play games together since he finishes filming in a few weeks.

“I can’t seem to get comfortable whenever I have to momentarily greet people one by one and I will probably keep hurting, but I feel like I will burst into tears at the slightest touch. As today is the first performance, I have to do well without showing that I feel this way, but I feel a little sad today.

“Forever Highlight’s leader, forever our hyung. Simply hoping that you will go and return in good health.

“A brief goodbye to the complete, perfect-when-together Highlight! Let’s become cooler men and meet again.”

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Lee Gikwang wrote, “My friend Doojoon, you’ve gone through a lot as a leader from when you were in high school until now. I hope that now, you can let go a little, serve well as a soldier, and rest comfortably. Be healthy, just don’t get injured, and let’s see each other again soon and start again happily. I love you Yoon Doojoon.”

Yang Yoseob shared, “Go and return in good health. Let’s see each other again.”

Yoon Doojoon also expressed, “Thankful. I leave with my friends’ well-wishes!”

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고맙다 친구들이 마음받아간다!!!!

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You will be very missed Yoon Doojoon!

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