9 Times BoA Slayed With The Coolest K-Pop Concepts

Meet the legendary queen of everything pop. Ever since her debut at the tender age of 13 back in 2000, BoA has slayed our existence with her incredibly rich discography. From pop to R&B, the sky is the limit for our veteran artist, and she has proven that to us many times throughout the years by releasing a variety of multilingual releases consisting overall of 18 studio albums, six compilation albums, one mini-album, and countless singles.

As we celebrate her 18th anniversary today, here are some of BoA’s coolest MV concepts to date that captivated us.

1. “No. 1”

First things first, let’s talk about BoA’s debut image. Her original concept included an urban style which added palpable charisma to her street dance routines. Two years later, the artist’s style upgraded in “No. 1,” which can be perceived through her soothing vocals, her feminine attire, and her powerful performance.

2. “My Name”

In this MV, BoA underwent a total makeover which took her out of her baggy clothes and showed her more mature side. The set of all-female backup dancers and the sexy dance moves highlight the sensual concept further.

3. “Hurricane Venus”

The futuristic scenery here is interestingly underlined via the eccentric costumes, the detailed makeup, and the sharp choreography. This shows that BoA has always been ahead of her time!

4. “Only One”

Shifting away from her swift dancing, BoA granted us a beautiful drama concept this time where she showcased her acting skills. With Yoo Ah In playing her love interest, the MV portrays a couple’s regular love quarrel, thus perfectly bringing the song to life.

5. “The Shadow”

As long as they smoothly fit the storyline, fantasy elements are always welcome in an MV. In this one, BoA takes us on a spiritual journey where she gradually introduces us to her alter egos.

6. “Lookbook”

Wild party buses and vibrant music? Yes, please! There is no denying that BoA is a total charmer in this MV, and we simply cannot get enough of her visuals!

7. “Kiss My Lips”

Glamour, sass, chic: this MV has it all. BoA once again breaks free from her tomboyish style and embraces a girly image for a change, which she visualizes in both her outfits and dance routine.

8. “Jazzclub”

The retro feels are all over this one! Thanks to the backup dancers’ diverse clothing that reminds us of many previous eras, watching this MV feels like we’re traveling back in time!

9. “Nega Dola”

The “crazy” concept is bound to pop sooner or later in an artist’s career, and the queen’s no exception! To our delight, BoA showed a mindblowing badass side of hers while conforming to the song title in parallel.

Which concept from BoA is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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