(G)I-DLE Talks About Their Success, Their Inspiration, Filming For Their MV, And More

(G)I-DLE made their debut last May with “LATATA,” and impressively won their first music show win only 20 days after their debut. (G)I-DLE recently made their first comeback with digital single “HANN,” which found success on many music charts. Written and composed by leader Soyeon, “HANN” expresses the betrayal and loneliness felt after a breakup.

When asked if they could feel their popularity, Soyeon answered, “Ranking on the charts was more memorable than getting first place. It’s because we had talked amongst ourselves and and said we wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t chart. When we did actually chart, people around us congratulated us a lot.” Miyeon added, “I went shopping with my mom on my day off, and our song came out in the shopping center. Even though we ranked high, it didn’t feel real, but people sang along to the song. I was so surprised.”

The members then talked about covering BTS’s “Fake Love” as well as flash mobbing in New York. Soojin explained, “We covered BTS and it was really hard as we had to show a lot of power in the small details. Thankfully, Soyeon is good at that so she taught us well and we worked hard to learn it.” Minnie commented, “When we were trainees we always said we wanted to go to New York. We didn’t know we would go so quickly after debuting. It was really cool to see foreigners singing along in Korean and recognizing us.”

As a self-producing idol, Soyeon then shared her inspiration behind their songs, saying, “I write songs thinking about the members a lot, and how to make songs that would fit the members well. The members are my muse.”

She talked more on producing “HANN,” commenting, “This time, there wasn’t a lot of time. We were in the middle of promoting when our comeback date was decided, and I had to write the song in that kind of situation. It would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel pressured.” Soyeon explained that she had thought a lot about whether to write a second “LATATA” or whether a different song could overcome “LATATA.” She continued, “In the end, I wrote what I wanted. I also wanted to write more of what I wanted since I know the members well and what would be good for them. There were good parts as much as there was pressure, so I’m enjoying working on songs.”

The group also explained how Shuhua’s dance solo in “HANN” came to be. Shuhua explained that it had been Soyeon’s idea, who said, “When I first thought of the overall concept for ‘HANN,’ I thought of Shuhua’s calm and mysterious aura. So I put in Shuhua’s dance solo. She previously showed contemporary dance during an evaluation, and I was inspired by that a lot.”

The members then brought up their music video. Soyeon talked about how she had said she wanted to film the music video in a desert when she wrote the song. Though they weren’t able to actually go to a desert, they transformed the set of the music video into a desert. She added, “They added a layer of sand on the set, so it was really hard to dance. We originally had a scene where we put a scorpion on our hand, but it was too wild that day. There were a lot of daring scenes with it but it was edited so that we were just pretending to touch it, so it was a bit regretful.”

When asked how it felt to appear on “Ask Us Anything,” Yuqi commented, “It was an honor to appear on the show. I learned a lot of Korean on the show, and met a lot of seniors that I respect. It was cool and a lot of fun. I’d like to go on the show again with the other members. They took really good care of me.”

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