Watch: EXO's Sehun Takes On 30 Guys In A Single Fight In New

The upcoming web film “Dokgo Rewind” has released an action-packed new teaser!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Dokgo Rewind” will tell the story of three boys from very different backgrounds who join forces to wage a war against school violence. EXO’s Sehun stars as Kang Hyuk, a fearless fighter who attempts to avenge his older brother’s death at the hands of high school bullies.

The newly released preview begins with Sehun alighting from a motorcycle and showing off his fighting chops, while his character Kang Hyuk is introduced as “Dokgo, the legend [who fought] 1 vs. 30.” Sehun explains in the voice-over that “Dokgo” means “poisonous drum,” and “everyone who hears the sound of that drum dies.”

Actor Cho Byung Kyu then appears as former delinquent Kim Jong Il, described as “the loyal friend who left his gang of delinquents.” He taunts his opponents in a fight by saying, “Is this really all you’ve got? Then I’ll lower myself to your level and go easy on you.”

Ahn Bo Hyun stars as the third legendary fighter in their trio, a highly skilled former wrestler named Pyo Tae Jin, and he warns, “None of you will make it out of here today.”

The teaser also introduces Kim Sung Kyu, the highest-ranking delinquent at Dang Young High School (played by Lee Je Yeon), who appears to be terrorizing a frightened Kim Hyun Sun (played by gugudan’s Mina) as he asks, “Do you want to go out with me? I didn’t say that I was going to kill you; I’m saying, let’s date!”

The final character featured is Jo Kang Hoon, a delinquent who is the top fighter out of both Dang Young High School and Ki Chun High School combined (played by Kim Hee Jin). The voice-over describes him by saying, “They say he’s never lost a fight.”

Later, when Kang Hyuk expresses interest in saving people who have been captured by the delinquent students, someone warns him, “The moment you try to save them, the Ki Chun [gang] and the Dang Young [gang] will form an allied army. Will you be able to handle it?”

To find out the answer, catch “Dokgo Rewind” on September 7, when it will be released online on Kakao Page and oksusu. In the meantime, check out the new teaser below!

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