Tiffany Discusses Promoting In The U.S. And Future Goals

On August 24, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany conducted a phone interview with StarNews and shared her thoughts on her American activities and what she’d love to do in the future.

Tiffany is currently signed to Paradigm Talent Agency promoting under the name Tiffany Young. She stated, “I just finished shooting a morning program in L.A. I’m learning step by step. I’m trying to slowly move forward.”

She continued, “I also appeared on iHeartRadio, an Internet live broadcast show. I presented my own cover stage as well. I wanted to showcase a funky version of the track I released in Korea, ‘I Just Wanna Dance,’ as well as my unique musicality. I’m also preparing for TV, radio, and live broadcasts.”

In regards to her American advancement, Tiffany stated, “While promoting as Girls’ Generation, I did have a lot of those thoughts. To be honest, when we had performances in the U.S., there were many great opportunities and I was even able to perform at the Staples Center in my hometown of L.A.” She further said, “I wanted to have more experiences [promoting in America] on my own. The other Girls’ Generation members, as well as my fans, knew of my dreams.”

Tiffany then expressed her gratitude towards her members as she said, “For me, entering America is a new beginning. I think I’ve been able to get to where I am now because the Girls’ Generation members supported me a lot. After being notified that I had been accepted into the acting academy I’m currently attending, I talked a lot about my solo activities with the members. The members had faith in each other. Now I’m just a long ways from [Korea], but we can get together again whenever we want to. Now we’re cheering each other on as we do our individual solo activities. I’m not the type to voice my concerns when I’m having a hard time, but I complained about how hard it was to the members. So the members encouraged me and we told each other to cheer up.”

Tiffany further talked about her members and a possible Girls’ Generation comeback.

Currently, Tiffany has completed her first year at an acting academy in Los Angeles. She said, “I am preparing for my second year courses, but I also have many concerns. My priorities right now are to meet my fans.”

Tiffany has been preparing for fan meetings in Asia that will be held starting September 20 in countries like Thailand and Taiwan. She is also preparing to drop her second single, following the release of her first track “Over My Skin” on June 29.

Tiffany finally added, “I wanted to do American-style pop music, and my current goal is to release a full-length album. I will prepare for it step by step and eventually, I would also love to do a solo tour.”

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