The Beauty Moments From BTS's

Let’s start with the basics: this whole video is a beauty itself. Now that we’ve made that clear, let’s continue. BTS’s long-awaited comeback is finally here, and while we’re still not totally over it, it’s not hard to tell there’s tons of beauty moments worth highlighting. Coming from the “Love Yourself: Tear” era — way darker and heavier — this new song and video truly feels like the energetic dose of happiness we were all waiting for. Ready for the ride? These are some of the beauty moments we just can’t get out of our heads.

Jimin: The Smokey Eye King

The king at it again. If there’s something Jimin knows how to pull off, it is a simple yet intense smokey eye. While we can see a few warm shades on the first close up — with some red, gold, and brown eyeshadow paired with light pink lips and even some rosé shades on his hair — the second smokey moment goes a little darker with brown and black eyeshadow, pale skin and lips, and light gold hair, altogether for a more mysterious look.


RM’s Blue-Gray Hair

Is it blue? Is it silver? Only their stylist can tell. The duality of Namjoon’s hair in this video got us wondering if his hair turned into a chameleon or if he really had his hair dyed two different colors. No matter the answer, we’re obsessed with both shades! The fluffy gray during the face filters scene gives him a softer touch, while on the jacket scene, the intensity of his hair color matches perfectly with the bright scenario.


J-Hope’s Chameleon Hair

Hobi went for somewhat simple makeup looks for this comeback, but decided to experiment a little more with his hairstyle. While the color remains pretty similar to what we saw for “Fake Love,” we see different ways to style it and play around. Middle part, bad-boy-from-the-60s style, or curly paired with visors, we can’t really decide which one we like the most, so we say all of them.


Jin’s Simple Nude Palette

No eyeshadow, no eyeliner, no colored lipstick but only lipgloss, straight bleached hair, and probably some foundation: this look is an ode to nude. Also, Jin’s eyes look even darker than usual thanks to it, and we’re not complaining because that deep glance leaves no room for distractions. It’s all in Jin’s eyes and it’s all gonna be OK.


Jungkook’s Long-Awaited Colored Hair

The moment we’ve been all waiting for. Even though it’s been a few months since we know JK finally took a step forward and dyed his hair a fantasy color again after years, we’re still freaking out about it because it looks oh-so-good. The shade changes throughout the video — but again that happens for pretty much everyone — so we can see him pulling off everything from intense cherry red, a washed off purple, orange, and even a gold-ish pink in some shots, all paired with sun-kissed skin and very minimal makeup.


Suga’s Red Wine Vibes

Something interesting about this hair shade is how it can change completely depending on the light. Intense red, dark cherry, or even black/brown from some angles. We’ve seen Yoongi’s hair in almost every color of the rainbow, but this one has a special tone to it — plus it gives us serious “Danger” era flashbacks.


Taehyung’s half and half hair

Definitely one of the most iconic looks for this video, am I right? “Why pick pink or blonde when you can do both?” I can almost hear Tae telling their stylist. Light blonde for his right side, light pink for his left side, blue contacts, a little dark pink eyeshadow to frame his eyes, slightly pink lips and red-ish eyebrows: this look is pastels in glory and majesty.


RM’s All Silver

All silver: from his hair to his contacts, eyeshadow, and his eyebrows, all crowned with slightly pink lips. RM welcomes us to the “IDOL” world with this drop-dead-gorgeous moment, and we’re here for it.


OT7: This moment

Do we even need to explain why this right here is a beauty moment?


Are you still alive after the comeback, Soompiers? Let us know your favorite “IDOL” MV moments below!

Caromalis is a K-pop and K-beauty obsessed vlogger and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-Beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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