Bora Gives Contestants Heartfelt Advice On “Produce 48” About Confidence And Being An Idol

Bora made another surprise appearance on “Produce 48!”

On the August 24 episode of Mnet’s “Produce 48,” Bora appeared in a segment where she sat down with contestants to hear about their worries and concerns.

One of the trainees Choi Ye Na talked about how her always cheerful appearance is a concern. She stated, “I get sad too but people always call me ‘the cheerful one’? So I end up just hiding my real feelings.” Jang Gyu Ri also shared something similar when she said, “I feel like I have to be bright in front of others because idols are supposed to make people happy.”

As an idol and former SISTAR member herself, Bora was seen intently listening to the contestants’ concerns. In response to the topic of appearing happy, Bora said “I hope you don’t think that you always have to make others happy just because you are an idol.”

Trainee Heo Yun Jin teared up while talking about the responses or bad comments she read.

Bora mentioned that she saw the show and knows what moment Heo Yun Jin is talking about. She continued, “This is a competition program. You have to let people know about you, that you can sing well. Just think about the more positive aspects.” She ended her advice with, “Don’t worry too much.”

Many of the contestants also shared how their biggest concerns are that they felt they were losing their identity, losing confidence, or falling behind.

Bora encouraged and reminded the girls to focus on what they’re proud of and what they are good at instead of what they lack or what they’re self-conscious of. She told contestants to take something that they might think is bad like height and see it as a way to differentiate themselves from others. Towards the end of the segment, she advised, “No matter the results, don’t be disappointed in yourself. Because you have done nothing wrong.”

After the heartfelt conversation with Bora, the contestants were given a surprise — a collection of positive comments left by viewers. As they read the support of their fans, they began crying out of happiness. The segment seemed to be a rewarding time for both Bora and the trainees.

The finale of “Produce 48” will air on August 31 at 8 p.m. KST on Mnet. Let us know who you’re hoping will be a part of the final group through our prediction poll for international fans here!

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