Kim Dong Wook And Kim Jae Wook Talk About Working Together For 1st Time Since “Coffee Prince”

Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook, who have been confirmed to appear in a new drama together, talked about their previous drama “Coffee Prince.”

In “Coffee Prince,” Kim Dong Wook had played the playful yet hot-tempered waiter Jin Ha Rim who was fond of Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) while Kim Jae Wook was the taciturn waffle chef Noh Sun Ki. The two actors are about to show a different kind of chemistry in their new drama that has a completely different atmosphere.

On working with Kim Jae Wook once more, Kim Dong Wook commented, “It’s been 11 years since [we filmed] ‘Coffee Prince.’ On one hand, I’m happy and relieved to see him, but on the other hand, I wonder what took so long. The fact that I have a reliable friend on set will be comforting to me. I think he’ll be someone I’ll be able to lean on.”

Kim Jae Wook also shared his opinion, saying, “I think it’s been about 11 to 12 years since we’ve met on set. Rather than with the unripe feelings we had in our mid-twenties, we will meet with the individual experiences we gained over the past ten years. He’s pretty much the only one of my fellow actor friends who is the same age as me, so I’m very happy to see him. I’m looking forward to this.”

When asked to make video letters to each other, Kim Dong Wook said, “How are you doing? I heard you worked hard on your performances. It’s been a while since we met, so let’s recall our fun memories from the past and do our best for a good drama. Way to go.”

Contrary to Kim Dong Wook’s polite and shy letter, Kim Jae Wook kept his message short and sweet by saying, “I love you, Dong Wook. Let’s not fight on set.”

Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook will be appearing in the drama tentatively titled “The Guest.” It tells the story of a psychic, a priest, and a detective who solve bizarre crimes that occur throughout Korean society, banishing the evil in people’s hearts through a combination of Korean-style exorcism and shamanism.

Kim Dong Wook will play the lead character, Yoon Hwa Pyung, who uses his psychic powers to act as a shaman. Although he has a strong commitment to exorcising evil spirits, his free-spirited nature hides a dark heart. On the other hand, Kim Jae Wook plays Choi Yoon, a cold and cynical priest whose strong will and sense of evil make him an ideal exorcist. However, he shows little emotion and drives people away with his unapproachable personality.

“The Guest” is expected to premiere sometime in September.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling nostalgic about “Coffee Prince,” re-watch the first episode below:

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