MONSTA X Looks Back On Their Favorite Moments From World Tour

On August 25, MONSTA X held their encore concert “MONSTA X World Tour ‘The Connect’ in Seoul Encore” at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul.

In the press conference before their concert, the group looked back on their world tour and shared how they thought they had changed over their 3-year career.

“We’ve done concerts before, but it’s our first encore concert,” they said. “We worried a lot. We didn’t want to bore our fans with the same themes and songs, so we prepared something special.”

The encore concert marked the end of MONSTA X’s second world tour. Kihyun said, “I remember vividly the international fans singing along to the Korean lyrics and fanchants when our songs came on. I was really grateful.”

Wonho added, “There were so many international fans, I was surprised and thankful.”

I.M said, “I was surprised that there were people in the other half of the world who knew our songs and fanchants. We’d gone to countries we hadn’t been able to go to before and the reaction was better than we expected.”

Shownu said, “It felt like we made new and precious memories and it felt good. In every city, every country, we felt touched.”

Jooheon added, “While on tour I realized the reason why I wanted to be a singer. I felt pride in choosing this work.”

Hyungwon continued, “It was meaningful to me to be able to join everyone from the start this time. There are a lot of international fans who we see once or twice a year. It’s been a long time since we saw them but they were passionate in singing along. I was grateful.”

When asked about the language barriers, I.M, who speaks English, said, “I did translate a little, but the other members improved a lot since our last tour. It wasn’t that difficult.” Kihyun added, “We went about our schedule pretty much without a translator.”

Comparing their most recent world tour to their last one, Minhyuk said, “It was an opportunity for us to improve as performing artists. When I watched the videos of our world tour, we seemed really cool in my eyes. I think that the answer is in what I see. I want to become even cooler on stage.”

He added, “We were seeds until now, but we’ve become seedlings.”

MONSTA X’s world tour kicked off in Seoul in May and covered the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and seven cities in the United States.

Their Seoul encore concert will conclude on August 26.

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