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Let’s Eat 3” has been delighting viewers with enjoyable comedy, romantic relationships, and of course never-ending shots of delicious food. Following the conclusion of the drama, the cast of the show shared their thoughts and goodbyes.

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon played protagonist Goo Dae Young, a man going through a slump in his 30s who heals as he revisits the food he loved during his college years with his college classmate Lee Ji Woo (played by Baek Jin Hee).

In a behind-the-scenes video, Yoon Doojoon commented, “It feels just like yesterday that I filmed [the scene with] Pyeongyang cold noodles, but filming has already ended. There were a lot of complications, so I feel very sorry, but also thankful and happy right now. Thank you to all the viewers for all the love.” He continued, “After [filming for] the drama, I will immediately be enlisting. Everyone please stay healthy and happy, until the day I return.”

Baek Jin Hee played Lee Ji Woo and showed great chemistry as Goo Dae Young’s college classmate who had a crush on him and as Lee Seo Yeon’s (played by Lee Joo Woo) sister. Her interactions with the radish family Kim Jin Suk (played by Byung Hun), Bae Byung Sam (played by Kim Dong Young), and Lee Sung Joo (played by Seo Byuk Joon) were adorable and heart-warming to watch.

In a behind-the-scenes video, the actress shared, “Today is the last day I will be living as Ji Woo. Starting in May, through the summer heat waves, many staff members and actors worked really hard and filmed for over three months. Thank you to all the viewers who watched until now, and I hope to come back with another great work.”

Lee Joo Woo played the outspoken and sassy Lee Seo Yeon and received a lot of love for her refreshing portrayal of her character. In a behind-the-scenes video, she commented, “From the beginning of ‘Let’s Eat 3’ until now, all the staff members and actors became one and came here together. It’s a bit sad that it’s ending now, but we put in that much effort so I have no regrets. Thank you so much to the viewers who watched, and please continue to give me a lot of love.”

In another video released by her agency, she added, “Through ‘Let’s Eat 3’ I was able to show everyone a different side of myself through the role of Seo Yeon. I received a lot of love, and it was a meaningful work to me. I will work to show an even better side of myself. Thank you for giving me so much love.”

Kim Dong Young took on the role of Bae Byung Sam, one of the three radish members. Though normally full of life and slightly dirty-minded around his radish family, he was unable to even speak in front of girls. His character showed development throughout the drama as he unexpectedly revealed his wealthy background, as well as his one-sided crush on Lee Ji Woo.

On his role, he stated, “This was the cutest character I have ever played among all my works. As I was acting, my affection for Byung Sam continued to grow.” He continued, “I have a lot of happy memories with the actors and the staff members. I was especially able to film comfortably with Yoon Doojoon, Byung Hun, and Seo Byuk Joon as if they were real friends. I also think I was able to meet great people like Baek Jin Hee, Lee Joo Woo, and An Woo Yeon through this drama. As hot as this summer was, I think I’ll remember ‘Let’s Eat 3’ for a long time. With the bright, fun energy I received through this drama, I will show another good side through another drama.”

An Woo Yeon played the elite, polite team leader Sun Woo Sun, who respected all boundaries. With his prickly walled-off personality, he somehow became entangled into the group of college friends after meeting Lee Seo Yeon, and showed an unexpected, adorable side.

In a behind-the-scenes video, he shared, “I didn’t know I’d already be sharing my concluding thoughts; it feels like filming began yesterday. It’s a bit sad that it’s already over. The actors made it so comfortable, and the director, as well as staff members, were such great people. I was able to film comfortably.” The actor added, “It was my first time doing a character like this, so I thought a lot while preparing. Though I was lacking, I was able to film thanks to the affection and support sent by viewers. Thank you again to all the viewers. I will work hard to return with a better work, and more mature acting soon.”

“Let’s Eat 3” aired its final episode on August 28.

If you haven’t already, check out the first episode of “Let’s Eat 3” below!

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