The “Produce 48” contestants never stop having fun with one another behind-the-scenes, as they pick their favorite Japanese and Korean sayings and get silly.

Honda Hitomi begins asking her Korean teammates their favorite Japanese phrases. Lee Chae Yeon adorably picks, “Measuring height with acorns,” while Park Hae Yoon shyly chose, “I like you a lot.” An Yu Jin hilariously comments in Japanese, “[Jo] Yu Ri is short,” making all the other girls laugh.

After Jo Yu Ri finds out what that means in Korean and pretends to get angry, An Yu Jin choses a different phrase, saying, “Yu Ri is cool,” earning a high-five from Jo Yu Ri. Jo Yu Ri picks the phrase, “I love you, dajo,” thinking the “dajo” at the end was a cute exclamation. The other Japanese members are initially confused at the “dajo” at the end, and help her find a better way to say it.

Jang Won Young then takes over the camera, and asks her Japanese teammates their favorite Korean sayings. Honda Hitomi goes first, but doesn’t know what to pick. An Yu Jin whispers in her ear, and Honda Hitomi says, “No jam,” and asks what this means. The other girls explain that it means “not funny” in slang.

The Korean teammates also help out Yabuki Nako, who declares, “You should join when you’re supposed to join, and butt out when you’re supposed to leave,” a common Korean phrase. Kim Min Ju then whispers something else into Yabuki Nako’s ear, who repeats, “Kim Min Ju is a goddess.” The girls then teach her to say, “I’m the cutie in this area!”

The camera is then passed to Han Cho Won, who takes it to her team. Choi Ye Na shows off the key point in their choreography, which she calls the window wiping dance. Lee Ga Eun, Choi Ye Na, Shitao Miu, Shiroma Miru, and Takahashi Juri hilariously pantomime wiping a window while making the sound effect with their mouths.

They continue to show off their window wiping sound effects, as Choi Ye Na wipes the camera lens while Han Cho Won and Takahashi Juri wipe each other’s faces as part of an “egg couple.” The girls then burst into laughter when Shiroma Miru does her individual, throaty take on wiping windows.

Han Cho Won then visits the other members of her team. Kim Chae Won, Han Cho Won, and Kang Hye Won then adorably practice saying “Did you fall for me?” in Japanese. When they ask Miyawaki Sakura what she thinks about the phrase, she refers to their debut evaluation song and comments that the dance is fast. The other girls then compliment Miyawaki Sakura, saying that her face without make-up is pretty, but then tease her saying that they can’t recognize her when she wears glasses.

Watch the full clip below!

The finale for “Produce 48” will air on August 31 at 8 p.m. KST. Look out for our live-tweet coverage!

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