Apink's Hayoung Opens Up To Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon About How Her Fear Of Rumors Has Affected Her

Apink’s Hayoung spoke about her concerns with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon on JTBC4’s “Secret Sister.”

On the August 31 episode of the reality show, Hayoung and Hyoyeon wore matching pajamas and talked in bed. As fellow idols, the two girl group members shared their concerns.

Hyoyeon chose the “regretful” emotional card and said that she wanted to hear about Hayoung’s regrets.

Hayoung began, “Thinking back, I had a lot of fear in the past. I could have gone out to eat with my friends or gone to a café, but I couldn’t because I was so scared. I didn’t want there to be rumors about me, so I just didn’t go out to places like that.”

She continued, “I always thought that if there were alcohol, people, and people of the opposite gender, then problems will arise, so I just didn’t go out to places like that. But because of that, my personal relationships decreased and it was affecting my promotions because I didn’t know anyone. For example, when I have to ask for a featuring artist or have to invite someone, I have no one to call. Up until now, I didn’t think that having a social life was important, but these days, I’m realizing the importance of it little by little.”

When Hyoyeon asked, “Do you go out to meet people?” Hayoung replied, “I don’t meet people outside at all.” Hyoyeon commented, “Hayoung, it’s not too late. I think it’s really important to meet people whether they’re new or people that you already know. You have to meet a lot of people to know if someone is a good person.”

In her interview, Hyoyeon explained, “There are limits for girl groups. [We’re told,] ‘You can’t do this.’ Even if you’ve become an adult, [people might say], ‘What? You drink?’ Because of things like that, I got the feeling that she was restricting herself. She can enjoy some things that aren’t crossing the line such as meeting people.”

Hyoyeon then added with a laugh, “She needs good people around her, like me.”

Hayoung also brought up a concern of hers, saying, “I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to promote without any big accidents, but while the members and I think it’s good to be careful not to disappoint our fans even a little, it’s also a concern.”

Hyoyeon commented, “That’s a concern you have with your members. When people think of the word concern, they usually immediately think of personal things.”

After some thinking, Hayoung responded, “I can only think of work-related things. I was told a lot that I’m not ambitious. But it’s not that I’m not ambitious, it’s that I tried to be considerate.”

She explained, “For example, if there is a part left in a song and they ask who wants to try it, I didn’t volunteer. But after time passed, people misunderstood and thought I may not be ambitious, so I think it’s a big worry of mine.”

Hyoyeon said, “The thing about ambition is, since we’re human, it shows even if you try not to. You’re really great, Hayoung.”

She continued, “At the beginning, I was really timid, then really outgoing. I changed myself to satisfy others, but it gave me stress. Changing myself to someone else’s standards is a huge burden. You can’t match everyone, right? I do my best so that I won’t regret it, even if the reactions aren’t good. That way, I won’t have any regrets later. I think you have to be included when creating your own standards.”

She added, “Hayoung, what you think is right. And if you think that it’s not regrettable and correct, then that’s right.”

During her interview, Hayoung stated, “Every moment talking with Hyoyeon was relatable. I felt like she was lessening my burden. I’m really thankful that she was able to help me find the solution.”

“Secret Sister” airs on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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