10 K-Pop Bops To Help You Beat The Back-To-School Blues

Summer is now over, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to hit the books! Granted, it always feels burdensome to break away from the vacation routine and bury oneself in homework yet again. But fear not, because your daily dose of K-pop is here to help you conquer the school day with a smile on your face!

In no specific order, here are 10 K-pop bops that will hopefully help you overcome the back-to-school blues.

1. Loco – “Oppa”

What better way to kickstart the school year than to jam to Loco’s amazing hit? The rapper takes us back to his school days and reveals the process he underwent from being the nerdy student to becoming everyone’s cool Oppa. (Starting 2:10)

2. DAY6 – “What Can I Do”

Make sure to blast this one on your way to the library to keep you company. If you’re one to study with music on, you can even keep it as background music, and if you’re lucky enough, someone might ask you what you’re listening to. Way to spread the K-pop love!

3. Red Velvet – “Power Up”

If you’re feeling worn out after your first day of school, a fresh and colorful beat like “Power Up” is what you need to boost your mood and get ready for the next day!

4. The Rose – “Baby”

The first school week is finally over, but it feels like a lifetime. It’s best if you just accept the fact that there is no escape from the lengthy classes now. Perhaps, you’ll find some consolation in listening to this bop below!

5. NCT Dream – “We Go Up”

Need an anthem for gym class? We got you covered! The song’s powerful swag can also hype you up if you’re in the middle of building a human pyramid: Cheerleaders, I’m looking at you!

6. (G)I-DLE – “HANN (Alone)”

Your bestfriend is absent and you find yourself sitting alone during your lunch break? No worries, shake the loneliness away and tune in to (G)I-DLE’s killer single!

7. BTS – “Idol”

Recess just became a thousand times cooler with BTS’s “Idol”! Have the song on full blast, and let your friends join in the fun if they’re up for some dope African vibes mixed with traditional Korean tunes!

8. iKON – “Killing Me”

The last period is taking forever to end, and you’re not having it. The solution? Play iKON’s heartening song once you leave class. The context may be different, but they’re just as eager as you are to break free from their heavy feelings.

9. LOONA – “Hi High”

Have you ever thought of a customized alarm ringtone just to get you up and running for school? Say hi to your newest morning alarm. The beginning of the song is just right to gently wake you from your slumber before it goes on party mode and gets you set for class!

10. PLT – “Blah”

By now, you have probably picked up the pace on the usual school routine and it’s starting to get… monotonous. In this case, the mellow and carefree feel that “Blah” emits is the best fit for your current mood.

Which bop is your current jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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