Watch: NCT 127 Reacts To NCT Dream's New

NCT 127 has shared an adorable reaction video to NCT Dream’s new music video for their latest title track, “We Go Up“!

All nine members (including Mark and Haechan, who are also members of NCT Dream) were present, and they couldn’t contain their excitement as they waited to watch the music video. Johnny, who was in charge of playing the video, exclaimed that the video was finally up and called for attention, declaring, “Everyone, let’s get it!”

Once the video started playing, the NCT members couldn’t take their eyes off the screen as they bounced along to the addictive rhythm. Yuta released a shout of admiration when Haechan appeared in the video, and WinWin hugged Haechan with a proud smile on his face.

All of NCT 127, including the NCT Dream members, looked impressed and captivated by the new music video. The members even sang along to the song and copied NCT Dream’s choreography. Mark revealed, “We filmed all of this in Korea,” and Taeyong replied in awe, “Really? [The video] is so nice.” When Haechan did a suave dance move towards the end of the music video, Johnny paused the video, and NCT 127 went wild with shouts of admiration as they imitated the move in a funny way.

When the music video ended, NCT 127 applauded enthusiastically for NCT Dream, and Doyoung commented, “It was like a youth movie.”

Check out the full reaction video below!

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