Former contestants of Mnet’s “Produce 48” who were in the top 20 shared photos and messages after the show came to an end.

Park Hae Yoon recently joined her fans in an open chat room on Kakao. She posted a selfie and her autograph for her fans. The FNC Entertainment trainee also thanked them for their support, said that she’ll work hard to practice, and asked fans to continue cheering her on.

On September 2, Takahashi Juri posted two photos on her Twitter account. She wrote, “Everyone who supported me, there’s no need to be sorry. I received a lot of love so I’m smiling. I hope you will continue smiling.”

She also posted photos on Instagram where she thanked fans as well.

Miyazaki Miho shared a group photo of the contestants and their trainers along with a heartfelt message.

She wrote, “National producers of ‘Produce 48,’ thank you for voting and cheering for Miyazaki Miho until now. I sincerely thank you for helping me to get here! It’s sad…but it was a valuable experience. To be honest, I thought that it was a dream that couldn’t come true. But my long-term dream of debuting in Korea was so close that I was happy every single day. I will study Korean even more and become Miyazaki Miho who grows even more! Also, the subway ad was also a dream. Thank you for the pretty ad! Please remember me and don’t forget me.”

In the caption, the AKB48 member added, “No matter how hard it was, every day was like a treasure to me. Let’s be sure to meet again in Korea. Thank you!”

Shitao Miu posted a photo of herself and added, “Thank you ‘Produce 48.’ Thanks to the national producers, I was able to participate all the way to the debut evaluation. Although I couldn’t debut, I was able to cheer up thanks to the national producers. Thank you for all of your love. I love you!”

Lee Ga Eun uploaded a selfie and a handwritten letter, which reads as follows:

“Hello. It’s Pledis Entertainment’s Lee Ga Eun. At first, I was scared about coming on ‘Produce 48.’ From the first evaluation performance of ‘Peek-A-Boo’ to ‘Side to Side,’ ‘I Am,’ ‘You’re in Love, Aren’t You?’ ‘While Dreaming,’ and ‘Pick Me (Naekkeoya),’ through many performances, I received so much interest and love that I was able to feel more happiness than fear. National producers who allowed me to experience these happy moments! All of the trainee friends who helped me make valuable memories! ‘Produce 48’ staff who filmed us with love! My Pledis Entertainment family members who always trusted me! And my fans who waited for a long time…I’m just so thankful to everyone. I think that ‘Produce 48’ is not my end, but my beginning. I will not give up and continue to work hard in order to appear again in front of all of you, so please don’t forget about me and please support me together. I’m lacking so much, but thank you so much for sending me warmth instead of looking upon me coldly as I challenged myself once again. I will continue to work hard to repay you for your support. I really thank you and I love you.”

Lee Ga Eun also posted a video of her posing next to her subway ad.

Takeuchi Miyu shared photos and messages on her Twitter account. She wrote, “Thank you to the national producers who cheered on Takeuchi Miyu on ‘Produce 48’! It was a time during which I, who didn’t have self-confidence or courage, said with confidence, ‘I worked hard and did it!’ I sincerely love all of you who helped me to keep my ranking. Also, since I was a middle schooler, I wanted to promote globally , so I was so happy that many people around the world supported me this time.”

She continued, “All of you who are supporting me all around the world, I’m studying Korean and English, and preparing so that I can promote closer to you. The results this time were unfortunate, but please wait for me! I received love until now, so from now on, I’m going to give it to you! I will make an announcement during my ‘Showroom’ internet broadcast on September 4 at 9 p.m. Japan time.”

Shiroma Miru uploaded a selfie and a message on her Instagram account.

She wrote, “To everyone who cheered for me on ‘Produce 48,’ staff members who supported me, and trainers, I’m sincerely thankful. These 100 days gave me various surprises. In the beginning, I merely followed along and felt like I was on a path of worries. But when I was frustrated and wanted to run away, all of the trainees said, ‘It’s okay! You can do it if you practice a lot!’ Takahashi Juri said, ‘There is some pain, but if you overcome it, then you can put on the brightest performance for the people who are cheering for us. That will be fun and it will definitely be helpful!’ That warmed my heart.”

She added, “Although I didn’t debut, it was amazing. I was able to feel strong until the end because of all of you who cheered for me. I’m really happy that I met all of you. I’ll continue to advance forward to achieve my goals, so please look forward to it. To all of the trainees who overcame many walls together, I love you a lot! They’re full of fun charms! I love you and respect you a lot! Thank you so much!”

We wish everyone all the best!

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