Top 4 Lovely And 4 Horrible Moments On

KBS 2TV’s “Lovely Horribly” is true to its name.

The drama is romantic, funny, and scary. Along with this combination, viewers are tuning in to watch Philip (played by Park Shi Hoo) and Eul Soon (played by Song Ji Hyo)’s shared destiny, romance, and mystery.

Keep reading to find out about the loveliest and most horrible moments yet!

Lovely moments

1. Philip and Eul Soon’s fast-paced romance

Philip’s life has been in shambles since his fate was changed with Eul Soon’s. He got his head stuck in a chair while trying to pick up the last page of his script before he was saved by Eul Soon.

The two find always find themselves in these kinds of predicaments whenever they’re together. Airing out their frustrations, they began to physically fight one another leading to their second accidental kiss.

After becoming the writer of a new drama thanks to Sung Joong (played by Highlight’s Lee Gikwang), Eul Soon attended a press conference with Philip. Suddenly, the words “marriage announcement,” “exploding at the muzzle of a gun,” “fainting scene,” appeared on her arms. In order to stop the danger that she sensed Philip would get into, she shocked everyone at the press conference with a marriage announcement and a kiss.

2. Eul Soon’s lovely transformation thanks to Philip

Philip tried to distance himself from Eul Soon who wrote about his past and the dangers headed his way. He, however, started to become concerned about Eul Soon who seemed to take some of his bad luck away. Philip took care of her wounds and cut her bangs that had covered her face until now.

3. Philip and Eul Soon’s strange first night

Philip decided to appear in Eul Soon’s drama after she previewed his future in more detail. He suggested that she move into his house to write the drama, but failed due to Sung Joong’s interception. Philip then purchased Eul Soon’s building and appeared as the building owner. However, his bad luck caught up to him and the roof collapsed where he was standing. Thanks to this moment, he ended up spending the night with Eul Soon at a home with a hole in the roof.

Horrible moments

1. Mysterious drama script that foreshadows the future

Eul Soon began writing the script for her new drama after she heard sounds of a mysterious song everytime she started to write. However, scary incidents began to unfold according to her script and the mystery between Eul Soon and Philip deepened.

When Eul Soon wrote about her main character in danger, Philip was caught in a landslide. When she wrote about the death of a popular writer, Eun Young (played by Choi Yeo Jin) went missing. Even when Eul Soon wasn’t writing, the script wrote itself and forecasted a horrible future for Philip and Eul Soon.

In order to stop Philip from facing these dangers in reality, she created a fictional character named Gon. But despite her efforts, Philip lost consciousness after being shot by someone in a black mask.

2. The red aura surrounding Philip and Eul Soon and shocking twist

Sung Joong has the ability to see ghosts. He became suspicious after realizing that the red aura surrounding Philip and Eul Soon were the same. When Eul Soon became falsely accused of Eun Young’s disappearance and Soo Jung’s (played by Kim Ji Eun) murder, Sung Joong saw the red aura entering her home and chased it out.

The red aura was revealed to be Ok Hee (played by Jang Young Nam) who had turned into a ghost. Viewers then braced themselves for a shocking twist when they saw Eul Soon call Philip’s mom, “Mom.”

3. Identities of the “black mask” and “white dress”

Last week, the “black mask” threatening Philip was revealed as his former boy group member Dong Chul (played by Ji Seung Hyun). Yoon Ah (played by T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung) called him as if she already knew about his identity and made viewers even more curious about the past of Philip, Dong Chul, Yoon Ah, and Ra Yeon (played by Hwang Sun Hee).

When Philip rejected the offer for Eul Soon’s drama, the “white dress” dropped the script off at his house. The “white dress” reminded Philip of the now deceased Rayeon and even Eun Young who may or may not be dead.

4. Eun Young comes back alive

At the end of last week’s episode, Eun Young was found collapsed in the middle of the street covered in blood. Viewers thought that she had become a victim of the script after the death of the writer was written. However, the person who died actually turned out to be the assistant writer Soo Jung. What happened to Eun Young and where was she this whole time?

“Lovely Horribly” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode below!

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