Nam Woohyun Talks About Goals As Solo Artist And Working With Fellow INFINITE Member Dongwoo

INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun is at last back with his second mini album “Second Write..” after the release of his first mini in 2016.

Nam Woohyun said the long hiatus was in pursuit of perfection for his second solo musical endeavor: “You could say that two years and six months is a long time. Preparing this latest album, I put all my heart into it. I had wanted to release it sooner rather than later, but in trying to make it the best that it could be, two years went by. This is the second chapter of my life as a solo artist.”

In the second chapter of his solo career, Nam Woohyun is also showing his growth as a songwriter. In addition to “If You Don’t Mind,” the title track of his new mini album, Nam Woohyun also participated in the writing for the songs “You’re My Lady” and “I Love You.”

More went into “If You Don’t Mind” than any other song on the album, said Nam Woohyun, who recorded the song over six times. It tells the story of a man who wants to hang on to a relationship and try to return to good times despite the tedium that has started to color it. Nam Woohyun said, “It’s both a love song and a breakup song. I’ve never experienced [what the song is about] myself, but I used my imagination.”

INFINITE’s Dongwoo appears on the album, featuring on the song “I Swear.” Nam Woohyun said, “I did think of other rappers as well, but then I thought there would be no need to look very far, since there’s a rapper on my team. Dongwoo is good at writing lyrics, and I felt he would be a good fit for [‘I Swear’]. It was our first time working together.”

The other INFINITE members also gave him a lot of support, with L even coming out to visit his music video set.

As a solo artist, he wants to be known as just Nam Woohyun, rather than “INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun.” He said, “I’m aiming to have a different style from INFINITE, and I want to make music that people can relate to.”

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