15&'s Park Jimin Talks Candidly About The Duo's Future And Her Own Music

On August 3, 15&’s Park Jimin honestly commented about the duo’s future as well as her own music during an interview concerning her upcoming solo comeback.

Park Jimin talked about her fellow member Baek Yerin, saying, “Yerin called me a few days ago after she heard about [my] comeback news. She said that I must be very tired and congratulated me for my album release.” Then she added, “Yerin and I are both continuing to do music. Although 15& hasn’t been active for a while, we each worked hard on our own music. Yerin has her own genre. We’re in a win-win situation where we’re both doing music.”

When asked if it will be difficult to see 15& for now, Park Jimin candidly admitted, “We’re going to be concentrating on our own music for a while. The music we want to show is different. Yerin is extremely good at indie, and I want to do pop R&B. Someday, when we get into each other’s places through our individual genres, we might meet again and play music [together].”

Later, the interview moved on to the topic of her activities as a solo artist versus those as a group member.

Contrary to Park Jimin’s glamorous and speedy debut after her victory in 2012 on SBS’s “K-Pop Star,” the process of creating her own music world has been slow and calm. Some fans express regret and sorrow for the fact that she wasn’t active as much, but Park Jimin thinks differently. The singer said the past time when she thought about making music and shed tears over it was very meaningful to her.

Park Jimin commented, “Without that time, I wouldn’t have thought about writing my own lyrics and producing my own music. I think I would have just played music from other people and sang it to suit them. But it’s because I had such a [hard] time that I found the music I want to do, so I’m satisfied.”

However, she expressed her apology to fans who said they were used to waiting for her and said, “I want to let you hear good music as soon as possible.”

Park Jimin will release her solo comeback for “jiminxjamie” on September 4, and you can watch the teaser for her music video “April Fools, 0401” here.

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