15&'s Park Jimin Shares Thoughts On Making Comeback After 2 Years And Expresses Gratitude To Park Jin Young

15&’s Park Jimin talked about returning to the music scene after two years and how Park Jin Young helped her with her new album.

On September 3, during an interview about her solo album “jiminxjamie,” the singer said, “I’m finally making a comeback after two years. It took a long time, but I worked hard to prepare this album. [Park Jin Young], the JYP staff members, and I are all satisfied with it. Actually, for two years, I’ve been giving songs to my agency, but they said it wasn’t good enough. However, Park Jin Young really liked this song a lot and even said, ‘I think this is your title track.’ That’s how I was able to prepare for the album.”

She shared, “I prepared by participating in each and every thing. Maybe that’s why, but although I was very excited, I was more worried. It is an album with a new side [of me], and it has a very different image from the songs I used to sing, so I was worried if the fans would think positively about it, but I think it came out well.”

Park Jimin expressed her gratitude to Park Jin Young, saying, “He worked on it as if it was his own album. It was to the point I thought he was making his own album in the middle because he cared about everything from top to bottom. We kept in touch every day, even about the smallest things like hair style and make-up, and for the past month, we’ve been in contact the most since I’ve joined JYP Entertainment. Park Jin Young cared about [the album] that much and said he was that certain of it. I tried harder because he said he was sure I could play this kind of music to the public.”

Then she revealed, “This title song is the kind of music I originally wanted to do. My ‘K-Pop Star’ image was of a bright and young girl, but many people don’t know if I even want to do this kind of music. Park Jin Young said this was the perfect time to show this.”

Park Jimin apologized to her fans for the long wait and said, “I really wanted to hurry up and prepare music and let them hear it. So I kept going back and forth between my house and the studio. I think I’ve got deep thoughts and solid colors in the music section. I learned and felt a lot of things for the past two years. I really want to promote often now.”

The singer also revealed the good and bad about JYP Entertainment’s new building. She said, “I went there recently, and my first thought was, ‘It’s huge.’ The facilities are great, and everything is amazing, but it’s still hard to adjust. The ceiling is so high.” Then she added, “After going into the new building, the system has improved beyond comparison. Except for the fact that it’s further away from home, I’m satisfied [with it]. The cafeteria is awesome, too. However, [the food] is organic, so there isn’t a lot of meat. Whenever I go there, there’s no meat.”

“jiminxjamie” will be released on September 4 at 6 p.m. KST. This will be Park Jimin’s first comeback since she released “19 to 20” in August 2016. You can check out the teasers here.

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