2PM Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Sweet Messages To Fans And Each Other

2PM is celebrating their 10th year anniversary today!

On September 4, 2PM members shared their thoughts on being together for a decade.

2PM’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the group holding up letters that spell out the word “promise” under the words “2PM Forever 10th Anniversary.”

Junho took to his Twitter account to share a message. He wrote, “Time has passed and it’s already been 10 years since I debuted. I can’t believe that 10 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Many things have happened during this time. From when we came out into the world, received our first No. 1 trophy, a Daesang, 2PM’s first concert, and each member’s solo concert, new start as actors, and more.

“We shared all sorts of emotions together for 10 years and made it here, and I think that it’s our history that I can’t describe in any words. I sincerely thank you for embracing us in your youth from our first start in our 20s to now 10 years later. I thank you and I love you.

“Out of all of the people in this world, thank you for being with us all this time. Every day feels like a new experience, so even 10 years later now, I’m still not perfect. But what I can say confidently is that what makes our incomplete selves complete is you HOTTESTs [2PM’s fan club]. I don’t know if it’s okay to receive all this love, but I’ll work harder to repay you through the path that we chose and in our lives. I’m proud of all of you and I’ll become an artist whom you and I can be proud of. That’s my and our happiness. I love you HOTTEST.”

Junho also added in the tweet, “Our members who are apart, I love you so much and thank you to the staff who work hard next to us. My parents, I love you. Cheers HOTTEST!”

Jun.K tweeted the hashtag “2PM 10th Anniversary” with a red heart.

Nichkhun posted photos of him from the “2PM 10th Anniversary: 10 Seasons” exhibition. He added, “2PM’s 10th Anniversary. Thank you HOTTEST.”

Taecyeon posted on his Twitter account, “10 years have already passed. I really thank the members who have been together for 10 years and I really thank HOTTEST who have been through a lot with us. Let’s meet again.”

Happy anniversary, 2PM!

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