Super Junior’s Ryeowook Praised By World-Renowned Soprano Jo Sumi Ahead Of Performance Together

Super Junior’s Ryeowook was complimented by soprano Jo Sumi as they prepare for their upcoming performance!

Ryeowook will be joining Jo Sumi on stage at her show titled “Jo Sumi’s Park Concert — One Night in Paris” on September 9, and they met with the press on September 4 for an open rehearsal and interview.

“I’m glad to be able to put on the show that I’ve been preparing with difficulty for two years,” Jo Sumi said. “I’ve been singing for 30 years, but I wonder if there’s ever been a show that I’ve worked so hard on. It was difficult to prepare since there are songs of diverse genres that are all connected through the concept of Paris. I’ve been frequently contacting and meeting the friends that I’m performing with, forming a repertoire, and paying close attention to all details such as the outfits.”

Jo Sumi chose Ryeowook to perform with her this year, after collaborating on a performance with Highlight’s Yang Yoseob five years ago. She said, “Although the genres of classical music and idol pop music are different, it is a joy and a blessing to be able to share music together. After I performed with Yang Yoseob a few years ago, it seemed like there were many young people who became interested in classical music, and I think Ryeowook will play that role this time around.”

She said while looking at Ryeowook, “I knew of his skills through things such as YouTube, but I learned that he’s even better than I thought when I heard him sing in real life.” She added, “His skills are outstanding, and I also think he’s a professional after seeing the way he seems humble in front of the music and the audience.”

Ryeowook will not only be singing together with Jo Sumi at the concert, he will also perform Super Junior’s hit song “Sorry Sorry” with the orchestra. Ryeowook said, “It hasn’t been long since I was discharged. It’s a great honor to be able to sing together with Jo Sumi.” He added, “I think this September will be unforgettable.”

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