Spectrum Announces Release Of Last Song Recorded With Kim Dong Yoon

Spectrum will be releasing one last song with Kim Dong Yoon.

In July, their agency WYNN Entertainment released an official statement announcing the passing of member Kim Dong Yoon. As per his family’s wishes, a quiet funeral was held and the group has been taking time off, slowly returning to social media earlier this month.

Spectrum shared a handwritten letter with fans on their official Twitter account with the caption, “We love you and we thank you. That path that seven lights shine brightly down on, we want to walk down that path with you all.” The letter states:

“Hello everyone, this is Spectrum.

“Greeting you like this makes us realize that it has been a long time. Have you all been doing well? We have been doing quite well, eating, sleeping, working hard to rehearse so we can return to you in even better form, and staying in good health. We’ve been doing well like this, how have you been doing? It’s okay for us to assume that you’ve been doing well without hurting anywhere, right? We miss you guys.

“And we have some news that will make you happy. We will be releasing “Dear. My,” a song that Jaehan personally produced, at noon KST on September 6. There may have been some of you who have heard a short snippet of it before.

“‘Dear. My’ contains a letter that Dong Yoon wasn’t able to send to you. It is also the last song recorded by him, who is probably shining brightly in the sky right now. This song is a song just for you, and within it is our wish that Dong Yoon will never be forgotten.

“Please listen to ‘Dear. My’ and give it lots of your love. The seven lights of Spectrum have not yet dimmed yet. As we’ve done from our beginning, as long as the name Spectrum exists, we will always shine brightly as seven, not six. We hope that you will continue to walk down the path that those lights shine down on.

“Thank you and we love you everyone.

“September 5, 2018. From Dongkyu, Minjae, Jaehan, Hwarang, Villain, and Eunjoon.”


Spectrum’s “Dear. My” will be released on September 6 at noon KST.

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