Highlight's Yoon Doojoon Sends Sincere Letter To Fans From The Military

The agency of Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon revealed a letter that he wrote in the military for fans.

Along with the picture of the letter, the agency posted how fans could send their love and support to Yoon Doojoon. They revealed the address of his recruit training center so fans could send him letters and also revealed his division’s code so fans can send letters online, as well.

Yoon Doojoon’s letter reads as follows:

“Are you guys doing well? Are you healthy? The seasons are changing, so I’m worried about your health. Ah! First I’d like to say thank you. I’m reading every single online letter that I receive. The handwritten ones, too! When you guys tell me all the stories of the outside world, I feel thankful and sorry at the same time, so I’ve felt quite uneasy over the past few days. Thanks to you guys, I know all about what our members are up to. Please tell them that I am doing well and to prepare themselves when they enlist.”

“You guys worried a lot because I enlisted without getting any rest at all. Yes, I do feel sorry for myself, too. However, I had to put on a smiling face for all the people that I’ve caused trouble to. Before enlisting, I tried to prepare myself with a strong mindset, and the people close to me also encouraged me, but it was hard. It felt like everything was falling down.”

“No one knows, but I cried a lot because of the suffocating feeling that I didn’t wrap up or anything. It still hits me from time to time, but I adapted to life in the military, so don’t worry too much. I miss you a lot.”

“I don’t know how long the fact that I didn’t get to properly say goodbye will make me feel uneasy and sorry. After all the other members each finish their service and we meet again, I might burst out crying. Anyway, stay healthy. I will write again when I receive my official assignment. Be healthy and happy. Be careful of catching a cold.

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