The Queens Are Back: 5 Things We Loved About Girls' Generation-Oh!GG's

If there is one girl group that embodies both girls’ and boys’ first crushes and ideal types, it has to be Girls Generation. They are one of the first and biggest girl groups to make everyone swoon with their beauty, talent, and overall friendly vibe. After reaching a milestone of celebrating their 10th anniversary and a bittersweet moment of some members deciding to focus on their own passions for now — the OG queens are back with a sub-unit called Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG, consisting of Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and YoonA. The music video for their single “Lil’ Touch” just dropped yesterday and here are some things that stood out:

The story

When the teasers came out, it was reported that the song would be about the game of love. And true enough, the music video depicted this with symbolism using clocks, hourglass, bullets, snake — but more on that later. It starts with a black and white screen, as YoonA is lying on the ground and opens her eyes. Yuri removes her lace blindfold. Perhaps it connotes a kind of “awakening” or a realization of a feeling.

Then the video shows the girls in their house and in a forest. They are scrambling for time, seemingly looking for something. Welcome to their world, because once you go in, you may never find your way out.


The snake may mean being captivated, and the bullets, as dramatic as it may sound, pertain to being “shot” or hit by love. That’s the case when one is in love: there’s allure, mystery, confusion (in one shot YoonA is standing on a blue maze), excitement, and a mix of emotions.

The lyrics can attest to the element of time: “You didn’t know your heart wants to rush to me, hurry, lalalala… Follow me closely I cannot escape from you now.

The song

Girl’s Generation is known for their bright, catchy songs and that cheerleader vibe that instantly uplifts the listener’s mood. They did come out with some songs that are more mellow or fierce, but with Oh!GG we can see a combination of both. The song is upbeat yet it has a more mature, sexier sound that shows that the members are more confident, wiser, and different from the girls-next-door image that we used to know.

The choreography

The same thing can be said about their choreography for this song. Formation and synchronized movements are Girls’ Generation’s highlights as a group, but since this sub-unit has five members, each one adds her own color and personality with each part. There are no flashy parts this time or one particular trendy dance move that everyone will soon imitate — the choreography is more modern, straightforward, and of course, on point!

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Everyone is a center

Each member was able to become the center with this comeback, making it hard for fans to choose favorites. It was great to see Sunny showcasing her vocals more, Hyoyeon and Yuri killing it with their dancing skills, and Taeyeon and YoonA captivating the audiences with their facial and emotional expressions.


Style and beauty

Everything – from the hairstyles, makeup, accessories, to the clothes – show a whole new side of the members of Oh!GG. We see them in classic blacks, with lace details and sleek silhouettes. Aside from the darker looks, the girls also wear more subdued outfits (in nude, white, and light blue) and those that show more variety with pops of red and yellow. Long story short, they all look gorgeous, and each and every member is stunning.


Some may like “Lil’ Touch” instantly while others might take more time getting used to it, but overall, this comeback looks very promising. Perhaps we are seeing the future of Girls’ Generation in Oh!GG or maybe this is just one of the images and music they will explore. But whether they stick to their wholesome, vibrant concept or embrace a darker, sexier side, they’ll rock it for sure. Each member has grown from their own experiences in performing solo, acting, and other individual projects, and it will be exciting to see what they bring to the table. Of course, there’s always the question of “what if” about when Tiffany, Sooyoung, or Seohyun will re-join them as a whole group, but for now, we’ll just have to wait. Oh!GG represents both the old and new Girls’ Generation — a fresher, more updated group with a touch of classic K-pop that we all know and love. One thing’s for sure: we’re definitely glad that they’re back!

Check out their MV below if you haven’t already!

Hey Soompiers! What did you like about Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG’s first single and music video as a sub-unit? Let us know in the comments below!

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