15&'s Park Jimin Describes Finding Her Current Image That Fits Her New Sound

15&’s Park Jimin is back with a new sound and look.

In an interview, the singer discussed her new solo album “jiminxjamie.” The singer was first introduced to the public in 2012 through the SBS audition program “K-pop Star.” At the time, she was a confident 15-year-old girl who became the winner of the show. The public’s preconceived ideas about who she might be sometimes felt like shackles for the young singer.

She said, “I was ready to break my image at any time. I don’t know if it’s because I made music since I was 15 years old, but I did think about what it would be like when I revealed a completely new image that was different from what the public was expecting. But I believed that a suitable time when my age was right would come. I wanted to show my true self, so I feel satisfied.”

Showing off her new nose piercing to the interviewer, Park Jimin explained, “I wanted to pierce my nose since a while ago, but I was scared to do it. I thought that the agency might not like it and wondered if it was okay for me to do it since I have a bright image. I wondered if the time would come when I would be able to do it and [piercing my nose] became a turning point while making this album.”

This album showcases a different side of the singer. It combines the bright, fun energy of “Jimin” with her producing name that explores more hip hop sounds “Jamie” to create a new “Park Jimin” sound.

Park Jimin confessed, “To be honest, there was a time when I felt a sense of shame. Every time I completed a track, I let Park Jin Young listen to it and received feedback that it was ‘too pop-like.’ So I wondered if I had no talent in making music. Since I listened to pop while growing up, I didn’t know that much about Korean popular music. While working on the album this time, I listened to and studied a lot about Korean popular music. That process helped me a lot.”

She concluded, “I could’ve received another person’s song, but a dream of mine since the past was to make a song with my story that others can relate to. During this hiatus, that dream became clearer. I want my fans to feel healed through my songs with Park Jimin’s own colors.”

“jiminxjamie” was released on September 4. Check out the MV for the title track “April Fools (0401)” here!

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