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Actor Jung Hae In made a surprise appearance on “Food Bless You”!

“Food Bless You” is a variety show where four celebrity hosts listen to people’s problems and recommend the best food that will comfort them. During the September 6 episode of the food variety show, hosts Choi Hwa Jung, Lee Young Ja, Song Eun Yi, and Kim Sook raved about Jung Hae In.

A viewer sent in her worry about how she hasn’t told her husband of one year or her in-laws yet about being a fan of Jung Hae In.

Song Eun Yi praised, “The more you come to know Hae In, the nicer he is.” Choi Hwa Jung revealed she took a photo and sang with him, and Kim Sook also talked on the phone with him before. Lee Young Ja was disheartened as she never met or talked to him before. Song Eun Yi attempted to contact Jung Hae In, and invite him to the show.

Well, Lee Young Ja didn’t need to be disappointed anymore because the actor actually showed up!

Jung Hae In stumbled in and looked disoriented when he saw all the people there. The cast and crew were shocked by his unexpected appearance. Kim Sook stood up with a loud cry of surprise, and Lee Young Ja actually ran out of the room to hide her face in the refrigerator. Jung Hae In ran after her and took her hand, and she made up an excuse to go get more food in order to calm herself down.

During the episode, Jung Hae In enjoyed the food the cast prepared and even shyly asked if he could eat one more bowl of rice. Lee Young Ja placed meat in his bowl and urged him to eat a lot. Kim Sook asked Jung Hae In what he likes, and he revealed he liked beer, so they enjoyed a round of beer as well.

Before Jung Hae In left, Lee Young Ja gifted him marinated short ribs and her prized original menu of the best restaurants. The gifts, especially the last one, made Jung Hae In literally become weak in the knees and he looked both shocked and overjoyed at the precious present. Lee Young Ja joked, “To all the robbers in the world. There’s no need to come to my house. I have nothing.”

Once Jung Hae In was gone, Lee Young Ja looked empty, and she admitted, “I don’t even remember what I ate today.”

You can check out Jung Hae In’s appearance below:

“Food Bless You” airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.

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