NCT Dream To Greet Fans With Variety Music Concert “NCT DREAM SHOW”

NCT Dream will greet fans with their music variety concert “NCT DREAM SHOW” in COEX Artium’s SMTOWN Theatre. The concert will run three times, between September 28 and 30.

“NCT DREAM SHOW” will focus on NCT’s concept, which is sympathizing through dreaming and becoming one through music. Fans can become one with NCT Dream through this show where music, performances, videos, and stage effects are all organically connected. There will be special performances only for “NCT DREAM SHOW,” and members will play games and hold talk shows on stage. Fans are expecting great fun as the concert has many different programs. Tickets are available at YES24 on September 12, 8 p.m KST.

NCT Dream recently released their energetic new song, “We Go Up.” Check out their refreshing MV below!

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