100% Explains Why This Comeback Is Special And Shares New Goal

100% spoke about their comeback, Hyukjin’s injury, and goals in a recent interview with News24.

The boy group recently released their newest mini album “Sunshine” and its title track “Heart” on September 3. This song has tropical sounds and was composed by the famous songwriters Cho Young Soo and Lee You Jin, with the lyrics penned by the well-known lyricist Kim Eana.

Speaking about the group’s meaningful comeback, Hyukjin said, “After pre-releasing ‘Grand Bleu,’ I worked hard with the mindset of debuting again with the song ‘Heart.’ I injured my ankle during the process of preparing, so I’m not able to do the choreography. I’m so sad.”

He continued, “I want to quickly get better and stand on stage with my members. After promoting every two or three years, we’re doing promotions back to back this time, so it feels like we just debuted. Since I feel strongly about working hard with a new mindset, this promotion feels a bit more special.”

A few days prior to the comeback, Hyukjin sprained his right leg, which is currently in a cast. He came to the interview using crutches and is currently performing on stage while sitting on a chair.

Chanyong commented, “I like that there wasn’t a long break. I’m happy that we can proudly say to our fans that we came back this quickly. Since our breaks were long, we couldn’t say, ‘We’ll come back soon,’ but it’s different this time. I’m happy I can see our fans’ faces, so I’m even more excited for these promotions.”

On his goals for this comeback, Rockhyun said, “Through the song ‘Heart,’ I hope more people will know about 100%. I was always happy if I could sing, but now, I want to go one step further and hope that many people will recognize us. More than anything, we included songs in this album that we cherished and previously recorded. Since this album is special, I hope that our public recognition can also be 100% like our name.”

Speaking about the extravagant choreography for “Heart,” Jonghwan said, “To be honest, the choreography is really hard. It doesn’t look fancy by just using our hands, but is made up of moves where you use your body in various ways. I think the song ‘Heart’ stands out even more because of this. I hope many people will listen to the song and watch the choreography together.”

100% debuted in 2012 with the single “WE, 100%.” Check out the MV for their title track “Heart” here!

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