Watch: The Boyz Members Talk About How Close They Are And Their New Album

The Boyz recently held a Sofa Interview to talk about their friendships and latest album “The Sphere.”

First, the idols paired up and said hello to their fans with unique greetings. Q and Ju Haknyeon were then first to talk about their friendship. Ju Haknyeon joked, “Q and I are not that close,” and Q added, “All we did was take a shower together.” Surprised, Ju Haknyeon nudged him and cried out, “Oh my god!”

Younghoon and Sunwoo boasted about being the best in the team. Younghoon confidently claimed, “We’ll always win,” while Sunwoo added, “When the number ones get together, they get the first punch. If we show that to our fans, they’ll be surprised and fall in love with us again.” Hwall and Hyunjae had differing opinions about each other. Hwall claimed Hyunjae always barged in during his showers, while Hyunjae argued the opposite. Then Hyunjae added, “How do I put it? He has mythomania. But as his older friend, I find that quite cute.”

Meanwhile, Eric and Kevin showed affection for each other. Kevin praised Eric’s handsome face, and Eric looked happy as he said, “My heart fluttered.” Kevin retorted, “I thought you’d give me a compliment as well,” and Eric quickly tried to do so, but it was too late. Kevin waved him off jokingly, saying, “Forget it.”

The Boyz talked about their new album as well. Sangyeon shared, “We looked like rookies in our last two albums, but this time, we’ll show you polished and mature sides of us. Younghoon praised Sunwoo, saying, “I was very proud of Sunwoo for this song because he participated in writing the lyrics, and he worked very hard on it for about two weeks. At the beginning of the song, there’s a part where Sunwoo and the other members rap, and it’s awesome. It was different, but Sunwoo changed that part very nicely. I’m very proud of him.”

New said, “We will show a new image that you haven’t seen before but have imagined and wished to see. You might think, ‘This is different from The Boyz we’ve seen before.’ We challenged ourselves and were delighted to take part of the album. We did our best to show you better sides of us.”

Eric vowed, “I will make 1222 percent, 1206 percent of the effort for these promotions. I want to enjoy the stage when we perform now. I studied a lot from watching the performances of senior idols, and I think that I need to enjoy the stage in order for our fans to be happy, too.”

Check out the full interview with English subtitles below:

The Boyz recently made a comeback with their title track “Right Here.”

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