3 Best Pieces Of Life Advice From Ye Ji Won On

Ye Ji Won currently appears as Jennifer in SBS’s “30 but 17.” The housekeeper who is efficient and observant, but warm and kind-hearted has moved viewers with her words of advice. In her signature robotic monotone, Jennifer has helped the characters evolve and grow closer.

Continue reading to look back on some of Jennifer’s most memorable lines of advice.

“Time is what goes by on its own, even if you want to hold onto it or want it to pass by faster. Time will pass on its own, but if you ignore things even before it passes, then really important things will also be swept up in it and pass you by. Even if you regret it, it will already be too late.” (Episode 11)

Gong Woo Jin (played by Yang Se Jong) had been living a life cut off from society until he met Woo Seo Ri (played by Shin Hye Sun) who kept trying to interfere in his life. He had difficulty with this at first and had to endure her existence while she stayed at his home for the allotted time of one month. When he said, “I wish time would hurry up and go by,” Jennifer had a few words to say to him.

“Time goes by on its own, but it also never comes back. Anyone can regret the time that has already passed, but it’s up to you if you’ll let the feelings of sadness turn into unchangeable regret or into a memory you want to look back on.” (Episode 15)

After opening up his heart to Woo Seo Ri, Gong Woo Jin began to feel sad as the end of her one-month stay came to an end. As Woo Seo Ri prepared to move out, Gong Woo Jin thought back to Jennifer’s advice. He said, “Now, I wish time would go by a bit slower.”

“Fermented kimchi, cordyceps, puer tea. In this world, there are things that get better the longer you leave them. However, I don’t think there’s any good in leaving the uncomfortable feelings between people. The distance between two people is always caused by saying one less thing or by not saying something that should’ve been said. Before letting the distance grow from those unsaid words, it would be good to make the relationship what it used to be.” (Episode 23)

After finding out that the chairman of the One Music Festival was trying sell tickets by using Woo Seo Ri’s painful story, Gong Woo Jin told her not to participate in the festival without telling her why.

As a result, Woo Seo Ri became upset and expressed resentment towards him. Seeing Gong Woo Jin suffering after the argument, Jennifer doled out some words of advice.

The reason why Jennifer’s words resonate so deeply with many viewers is because of the shadow of life that is cast behind every word. There’s sadness that can be felt behind Jennifer’s robotic voice that stems from years of life experience. Based on the few hints about Jennifer’s past, it can be inferred that she is also somehow related to the car accident from 13 years ago. Tune in to find out about the characters’ intertwined fate and more of Jennifer’s advice when “30 but 17” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

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