Watch: Sunmi And iKON's B.I Struggle To Keep Their Balance On

On the latest episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” Sunmi and iKON’s B.I cracked everyone up with their hilarious struggles!

Both singers appeared as guests on the September 9 broadcast of the variety show, which featured a “special couple race.” After pairing off into teams of two, the guests and cast members went head-to-head in a variety of games and challenges.

One of the missions required one teammate to spin around in a circle 10 times, then walk across the room to pour water into the cup on her partner’s head. The production staff announced that the couple that managed to pour the most water into the cup would be crowned the winner.

Sunmi showed off a fierce competitive streak as she prepared for the challenge, declaring, “I’m blind [with ambition] right now.” The other guests and cast members commented that Sunmi was sure to do well, with comedienne Kim Ji Min pointing out, “People who dance know how to spin without becoming dizzy.”

However, after spinning around only twice, Sunmi grew uncontrollably dizzy, and she let out a shriek of surprise before ultimately falling to the ground. Far from winning the challenge, the singer never even made it across the room to where her partner HaHa was sitting.

After the cast members rushed over to her and made sure that she was all right, HaHa jokingly comforted her by saying, “I think this is your funniest variety show appearance ever.”

iKON’s B.I was up next, and unfortunately, he didn’t fare much better. Although he successfully completed his 10 circles, he took a spectacular fall backwards while attempting to reach for the bucket of water, spilling it all over the floor in the process.

The production staff celebrated the hilarious moment by playing iKON’s latest title track “Killing Me,” and as everyone ran to B.I’s side to check on him, his bandmate Bobby hurried to the front to start dancing to the song without missing a beat.

Watch the entertaining clip of Sunmi and B.I below!

You can also check out the full episode of “Running Man” here:

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