5 Best Tattoo Artists In Korea For Your New Ink

They may still be a bit of a taboo in Korea (hence why some of your oppas’ beautiful body art has to be censored on TV), but hey, they’re slowly becoming embraced. If you’re not familiar with the tattoo scene, you’d be surprised to find out that Korean tattooists have actually been making a name for themselves out there. You’ll see some of the prettiest and most delicate flowers you wouldn’t think were possible for a tattoo, hypnotizing color spectrums, the finest line works, and… you know what, just read on!

Be warned, some of the images below will make you want to book a ticket over to Korea right now! They’re really that good.

Sol at Studio Sol

Hello? Yes, I’d like my body to be a garden full of flowers please!

Sol has amassed over half a million followers on Instagram, which shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore because seeing her works on your feed will probably be the highlight of your day. She shows that it’s possible to have flowers that look like they belong in a framed painting in a gallery somewhere right on your flesh! Even if you’re not a flower person, you have to admit that these are pretty near perfect. Expect the same exquisite details in all her other artwork as well!

Pitta Kim

You’ll absolutely fall in love with Pitta’s works, and guess what, they make the best souvenirs if you’re visiting Korea! Pitta celebrates Korean culture by incorporating traditional patterns and colors you’d see in temples. He gives everything a Korean aesthetic (note the Alice in Wonderland themed one), producing some of the most iconic images with a beautiful Asian twist. His clever use of negative space has also become a part of his distinct style, and you’ll see it in most of the designs.

Color combo? Check. Alluring images? Nailed it. Negative space? Bonus! You know who to pay a visit if you want something to remember Korea by.

Sany Kim at Hybrid Ink Tattoo

You know how sometimes you just want stuff that looks like it came straight out of a Japanese animation movie to be permanently on your body? Yeah, that’s my mood right now. And sometimes that stuff can be really delicious looking. Are you craving a bowl of ramen yet?

The colors are nostalgic of the animations you used to watch as children, and they resonate equally well on the skin. These are definitely bold, statement pieces, and they each have their own bit of quirkiness to them!

Arang Sa

More flowers? Well yes, there’s always more room for all the pretty things. Arang Sa specializes in a lot of bold flower pieces, usually in shades of red and pink. And if you love cuddly animals, then you’ll be happy to know that she can nestle your favorite pet in a bed of the loveliest flowers!

With her tattoos, it’s easy to glam up any part of your body. You’ll be catching all those wandering eyes with a red that striking. So forget flowers in your hair, get these inked instead!


Is this a post entirely dedicated to colorful, flowery snakes? Yes, yes it is.

Zihee creates some pretty stellar snakes with a vibrant style that definitely stands out amongst other artists out there. It’s not every day you can find tattooists whose work brings out all the happy emotions in you, even when the subject matter is snakes. Not everybody is into these creatures, but you can probably agree that Zihee’s snakes will be the only exception even if you have a phobia.

Are you looking at flight tickets now? Remember to keep an eye on the growing tattoo scene in Korea because there are many more new artists on the rise!

Hey Soompiers, which tattoo style do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below! 

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