Update: iKON Unveils New Teaser Poster To Mark D-Day Of New Release

Updated October 1 KST:

iKON has dropped a “D-Day” teaser poster for “New Kids: The Final” and its title track “Goodbye Road”!

Updated September 30 KST:

With one day left until the release, iKON has revealed a teaser poster for “New Kids : The Final”!

Check it out below:

Updated September 29 KST:

iKON has released a teaser for the performance video of their upcoming title track “Goodbye Road”!

Watch the video below!

Updated September 27 KST:

The third lyric narration video for iKON’s new title track “Goodbye Road” has been released!

In the clip, Bobby narrates, “The trust we’ve built for each other has fallen apart. You’ll probably find someone new after we break up.”

Chanwoo continues, “If I knew we were going to break up, I shouldn’t have loved you so much.”

Yunhyeong concludes, “I didn’t mean to date just to cry together. I didn’t mean to create memories to be left with pain.”

Check out the video below!

Updated September 24 KST:

iKON has unveiled a second lyric narration video for their upcoming title track “Goodbye Road.”

In the clip, B.I narrates, “What kind of helpless loneliness would it be to live inside past memories.”

Junhoe continues, “I have become strangers with another person so easily. But I didn’t love you to just break up with you.”

Check out the video below!

Updated September 22 KST:

iKON has released a lyric narration video for their title track “Goodbye Road”!

In the clip, Jinhwan walks along the beach, narrating, “If you’re leaving anyways, live proudly without any regrets. Leave me, and live happily.”

Donghyuck continues, “Everyone goes through break ups, so let’s not be sad. I’ll find someone who’s alike, but not quite similar to you.”

Check out the video below!

Updated September 22 KST:

The track list for iKON’s upcoming album “New Kids: The Final” has been released!

There will be a total of four songs all composed and/or written by B.I.

Check out the track list below!

Updated September 18 KST:

iKON has announced their title track for their upcoming album!

Titled “Goodbye Road,” the lyrics were written by B.I and Bobby. B.I also participated in composing the song with Future Bounce and Bekuh BOOM.

Original Article:

iKON is gearing up for a quick return!

On September 11 at 10 a.m. KST, a teaser was revealed for iKON’s second mini album “New Kids : The Final.”

The album concludes the “New Kids” series that began with “New Kids : Begin” in 2017.

“New Kids : The Final” is set to be released on October 1.

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