Cho Seung Woo Shares How He Chooses His Projects And The Importance Of Chemistry Between The Cast

Cho Seung Woo talked about his standards when it came to choosing scripts, the difficulty of finding new stories, the type of work he wanted to do, and the importance of chemistry between cast members.

On September 13, Cho Seung Woo held an interview ahead of the premiere of his upcoming film “Feng Shui.” On how he chooses which works to appear in, the actor shared, “I still think about what to look for. The thing to avoid the most are works that pretends inevitability is a coincidence. It’s a device that everyone uses. In other words, it’s a script that already has an answer.”

He continued, “The scripts that have predictability are hard. Taking previously done formats and changing the subject, adjusting the characters, and altering what’s familiar just a little bit. I try not to do those as much as possible. I don’t want to see it.”

Cho Seung Woo added, “Because topics become exhausted and the audience’s standards have become higher, it’s hard to find works that satisfy the audience. However, if it’s not new, I think it’ll be ignored. That’s why I do my best to find something new.” Mentioning that he had recently enjoyed John Cho’s “Search,” which topped the Korean box office, he commented, “The story wasn’t cliché, but rather made a breakthrough by being novel, and succeeded. I think that’s thought provoking.” 

On the kinds of projects he wanted to work on, he shared, “Even if it’s a small project, I’m always open to making appearances on it. I’m not very picky. I starred in a one-man act on TV ‘Strange, More Than That,’ and made cameos in ‘Assassination‘ as well as ‘The Peach Tree.’ Results aside, I want to try new works where the attempt itself is fun.”

Cho Seung Woo talked about his most recent works, “Stranger,” as well as “Life,” and commented, “I try to stay logical. I try my hardest not to stand out. I’m like that on set too. Maybe it’s just the way I am, but I don’t like being in the limelight and doing things. I decided to go with a silent image so I don’t lose the weight of pressure.”

He also spoke up about the importance of the chemistry between the cast, rather than how much screen time he got. He commented, “They say things like ‘top [actor]’ and ‘best [actor],’ but it doesn’t mean anything. It just gives you a lot of pressure. Acting in and of itself is having good chemistry with your co-star and the rest of the cast. If anyone rises or sticks out, I don’t really like it. I prefer working with everyone.”

“Feng Shui” is about a genius feng shui master Park Jae Sang (played by Cho Seung Woo) who uses the Earth’s energy to change people’s fates, and the conflict and ambition of those who try to take the most prosperous land to become king. The film will premiere on September 19.

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